Moderator abuse by MakotoKamui
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Posted 12/21/15
I posted the following in the RWBY thread on the anime forum:

I'm sure this has been asked before, but what is this show doing on the anime subforum? Something isn't anime just because it imitates some popular and superficial characteristics of anime.

After a few posts, MakotoKamui posted the following:

Spell Syllables
Examples Word Origin
a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, characterized by highly stylized, colorful art, futuristic settings, violence, and sexuality.
Seems to fit RWBY to me.

Seriously, the series is at the very least an homage to anime style, and it's an attempt for the company to join in with a style many fans love. Not seeing the problem discussing it here - it's certainly not a movie or Asian drama. What's troubling about it being included?

^ I responded to his post, and after some more posts were made by me and other members MakotoKamui deleted a post I had made and announced the following:

Okay, folks, to repeat from earlier pages, there's a thread for discussing anime vs cartoon - it's over at /forumtopic-927369/anime-or-cartoon. Please, let's keep that discussion over there, and RWBY discussions over here. Much appreciated.

EDIT - yes, I deleted one post from this, and now another. I replied before, and in my PM to that user, I included other information and suggestions. I will continue to delete posts that continue the argument, and will begin banning as well. I am not trying to force my opinion, I am saying that this is not the thread for it. Take it to PM, take it to that other thread, but this thread is not the place for it.

^ So now the subject was suddenly off-topic. The deleted posts he's referring to are mine. He asserted in a PM that he also deleted posts attacking me, but his edit only mentions two posts. He also says that he sent a PM "to that user," implying only one user, i.e. me. So I don't believe he deleted anyone else's posts.

Although he deleted a post of mine that immediately preceded his announcement, he did not delete this post, which my deleted post was a response to:

manga even calls it a anime. For japan anime is just a abbreviation of animation regardless of country of origin technically spongebob is a anime to :D. Regardless RWBY is anime for better or worse it's classified as much DEAL WITH THE TRUTH.

Note that he said the following: "I will continue to delete posts that continue the argument, and will begin banning as well."

These two posts were made AFTER MakotoKamui's announcement, and are still up after 24 hours or more:

Preach it, sistah'!

^ This post was in response to another poster calling me a troll.

It's a number one rule not to feed the trolls. This is why we can't keep them under their bridge :U

^ Obviously a reference to me. Calling someone a troll without explanation even violates rule three of the forums.

Now, what's the problem with all this? It's not that he declared the subject off-topic, it's that he was clearly lying about doing so and in reality just didn't want me pointing out that RWBY isn't anime. If this was only about keeping the thread on-topic, he would have only deleted posts made after his announcement, or would have deleted all posts concerning the matter, and certainly would have deleted those two posts made after his announcement. His claim that he deleted posts other than mine is also suspicious to say the least, since it's contradicted by what he said in his edited post and by those two posts still being up. I don't know why MakotoKamui is desperate to insist RWBY is anime, but it's clear he's abusing his moderator status to do so.
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Posted 12/21/15

Well, I'm going to abuse my powers a bit more and close this thread. However, I am going to respond to it as well.

Those posts you reference after my trying to get things back on topic? They were not reported. I have my own life, and while I did keep my eye on the thread for a bit - including deleting other posts besides yours - I stopped after a while. I also didn't delete many of your other posts in the thread. I deleted the one and gave my blanket warning, then edited my warning when you complained in there, deleted the complaint, and deleted several posts attacking you further.

As I said, there is a thread to discuss anime vs cartoon. Or, if you want to make a topic specifically on RWBY: Anime or Not?, feel free. Go to town on your own topic there. It'll be on topic that way.

If you want to complain about me specifically, please contact support. They are in charge of the moderators, and can determine if I am breaking our rules. If you want to discuss this further with me, please send me a PM. I've already sent you at least one, and you should've seen another when you got banned.
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