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Posted 12/21/15 , edited 12/25/15
Written by: EyesOfTheScarecrow

It almost seems that light novels are being adapted into anime just as often as manga are. From author Hideaki Koyasu and illustrator Shino comes Lance N' Masques, an action fantasy focusing on the young Knight Yotaro Hanabusa and the young girl he vows to protect, Makio Kidoin. Lance N' Masques takes genre conventions of various Japanese superhero shows (such as Kamen Rider) and combines them with aspects of chivalric romance. The end result is an enjoyable, if not terribly deep, indulgence that should entertain those looking for a fun distraction.

Yotaro Hanabusa is a Knight of the World; an organisation comprised of over 10000 who have aided those in need for over 900 years. The Knights of the World are also a recognised Sovereignty that operate globally and have no allegiances beyond their own organisation. Yotaro has no interest in being a Knight, he wishes only to live out a normal life. Unfortunately, if someone is in peril, Yotaro's ingrained "White Knight Syndrome" activates and he acts out his role as a valiant and noble saviour. It is during a moment of "White Knight Syndrome" that Yotaro meets Makio, a lonely heiress who idolises heroes and the ideals they stand for. The supporting cast is rounded out by Yotaro's intimidating mentor, and his constantly-bickering squire and steed. Eventually they all come to live in Makio's mansion.

Lance N' Masques is, considering its inoffensive and workable premise, somewhat contentious. A major reason for this is the character designs. The characters all share similar round faces with big glassy eyes, and there is some lolicon-esque influence to several female designs. An unfortunate side-effect of this is that all of the characters looks very young. Of course, these same designs resonate differently with everyone, and some out there are sure to love them. One area where the visuals absolutely succeed is in the Knights of the World. The clean elegance of Yotaro's mask should not be understated, and his massive stylised lance is genuinely impressive. The backgrounds are rendered quite beautifully with some spectacular colouring and combined with the series very charming score help to bolster its occasionally drab character models.

Lance N' Masques has potential beyond its original premise, mostly due to the protagonist's lineage as hints to the greatness of Yotaro's father, and the mysterious surrounding Makia's parents are teased early on. Whether this bait is enough to entice you to stick around will come down purely to personal taste, but it should be said that the series requires more than the first episode alone to properly sample.

Lance N' Masques is a series with definite potential, and one that is most enjoyable if no expectations are had, but it does suffer from a slow and unsatisfying beginning. Move beyond that, and the series improves significantly. The Knights of the World are an intriguing idea and the series is worth a look, if only to see if you can invest in its in unique lore. Finally, perhaps most importantly, Yufia (Makia's personal maid) is voiced by M.A.O aka Gokai Yellow!
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Posted 12/25/15
I'm glad someone else enjoyed this series, all the video comments seemed to suggest everyone disliked it but I thought it was great
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Posted 12/26/15
I think the most accurate part of the review is about just how slow and drab this show is. Most of its potential is squandered and the most interesting thing about it was where that older leader of the "Gods" was trying to molest the MC. Otherwise plain and boring designs, color palettes and plot.
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