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Chewing tobacco
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Posted 12/22/15

Now try some real snuff.

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Posted 12/22/15

TheOmegaForce70941 wrote:

Nope, don't want to risk getting addicted or destroy my body

HuastecoOtaku wrote:

Does anyone here chew tobacco?

lol why would someone chew on it?

There is actually two types of smokeless tobacco that you put in your mouth (in the States).

One is chewing tobacco. It is a bit sweet, and leafy. You actually chew on this, a bit. Sometimes it can come in a rope looking form, and you cut off a "plug." This rope type requires a LOT of chewing to even soften up.

The other type is commonly called "dip." It is the most commonly used where I live. This is shredded down to roughly coffee grain size. It comes in long cut and fine cut... which should be self explanatory.

Other types I have tried:

The snortable, powder tobacco called "snuff." Goes up the nose, like cocaine. Burns like a bitch, but I felt the effects, and I was a smoker.

Tried something I'm assuming was tobacco in Qatar, with an Indian laborer. It was green, and he mixed it with what I think was powdered coral, and ground it together in the palm of his hand. Goes in the mouth, like dip. I was light headed for about an hour, as a smoker.

And of course, cigarettes.

Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17
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