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What is the purpose of Anticipation Threads?
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Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15

Greylurker wrote:

Yamstarch wrote:

Greylurker wrote:

"I am totally looking forward to how they animate X Scene from Volume Y" is anticipation

"They Animated X Scene from Volume Y really well, but I think the manga did it better" is Discussion

I think the point is to separate spoiler filled talk of what is going to happen from talking about what has actually been aired.

Maybe Anticipation is the wrong word perhaps it should be Series Discussion vs. Episode Discussion

IMHO doesn't this just emphasize how and why actually splitting up the threads may cause some confusion to some? I totally get the whole idea about people avoiding anticipation to not be spoiled. I get it. But, it just seems like the more we discuss this topic, the more things are unclear on how we should proceed.

I don't think it's that complicated.

Discussion threads should just stick to What has actually aired.

everything else goes into Anticipation

Now where to include Trailers and PVs and commercials leading up to the series

The thing is though, even in discussion threads, there will still be some that will post content that has not aired or what didn't air. A prominent example would be the Fate and Attack on Titan thread in previous season. A discussion isn't restricted to just episode thoughts. While it remains a core part of discussions, there are others that posts anything miscellaneous that relates to the series' topic. The term 'discussion' is rather ambiguous.

Example: new info, images (reactionary or memes), mini-reviews, etc.

To me, those counts as part of discussions, even the info part.
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Posted 12/26/15
particularly when you get into stuff with spinoffs movies games merchandise and other media yeah....

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Posted 12/26/15 , edited 12/26/15

stark700 wrote:

Genuinely curious to know since the new policies for discussion topics are in place.

As someone who has devoted years of time on CR, I really want to hear a clear and honest answer. Thanks

Edit: please lock this topic.
I guess we can take the discussion to the main topic about it rather than here as we got a decent amount of answers.

I'm closing this thread at your request, since it does seem to largely duplicate discussion in the policy thread, and the only post I saw that directly answered the title question was MakotoKamui's. Even you, who has been the creator of many, many Anticipation threads hasn't said what you believe the purpose of an anticipation thread is and just how you think the policy changes that (unless you've edited it out.)

Here are my thoughts on the purpose of Anticipation threads. They are created to announce and discuss people's expectations, hopes, and excitement (or concerns) about an upcoming show and to share information as it comes up, and are especially valuable for shows that are of high interest. I don't see them serving any different purpose under the policy change. The kinds of conversations that have been happening in them prior to a show's air date is exactly what I'd expect them to continue to have.

While some might decide that some "anticipation" conversation and information for some shows is easily handled in the Greenlit Anime thread, or the appropriate "season" thread (such as Winter 2016 Anime and Spring 2016 Anime), and I do think more varied activity in those threads would be welcome, there is no prohibition against show-specific Anticipation threads. If someone wants to create them, they can.

If you feel that the main value of the Anticipation threads have been primarily in the part of them that is active once a show has aired, then it might be the case that you'd prefer to put less effort into creating new threads early in "anticipation" of shows, and focus instead on creating some of the discussion threads once a show starts. It's up to you.
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