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Cheap gaming computer
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Posted 1/3/16 , edited 1/3/16

alucard396 wrote:

How does this one look.

Honestly, I think that you could do better with a pre build. I personally would want a better processor than that.

You've gotten really no advice here other than people saying "build your own." But that advice really doesn't mean anything if you're at all a novice in dealing with PC hardware. Keep in mind also that you're going to need to purchase a copy of windows which will probably set you back a good 100 dollars or so. Plus the 100+ dollars for a decent GPU.

What I've done for the last three gaming rigs I've owned was to buy a computer of the specs I'm looking for on sale, add a graphics card, and call it a day. The benefits of a bundled OEM OS, a full warranty on the whole system, and full tech support (nd not to mention time investment, and peace of mind as well)- I believe in many cases trump a DIY build. Particularly if you aren't a power gamer (which you seem to really not be given your modest requirements).

Just for example. The 3GHz i5 (8 GB RAM, and 1 TB HDD Lenovo Ideacentre) I currently play games on is something I bought a couple years ago for 500 dollars, and I added my NVIDIA GTX 650 card I'd bought the year before for 120 dollars. And that's all I've ever put into this PC. I'm still playing modern games to this day with no issues on high settings. I doubt I'm going to even start considering another upgrade until probably 2018 or so.
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Posted 1/3/16
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Posted 1/7/16
Thx Zach for the advie that's a good idea
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Posted 12/25/17
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