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Bakuon!! / Soon to be anime!


Sakura Hane has to ride her bicycle up several steep hills just to get to her new high school. As she is desperately pedaling, she sees and hears a motorcycle zoom past her and instantly falls in love with it. It turns out that bike was driven by her new classmate Amano Onsa, one badass girl who decided to attend this school because of one reason, there is no policy against motorcycles. Not only that, there is apparently a motorcycle club on campus. Hane and Onsa instantly become friends and she is able to convince Hane to start riding a bike. Now the only thing Hane has to do is get a license...


Type: Manga
Volumes: Unknown
Chapters: Unknown
Status: Publishing
Published: Feb 15, 2011 to ?
Genres: Sports, Slice of Life, Seinen
Authors: Orimoto, Mimana (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Champion Retsu!!

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Baukon!! Girls Motorcycle Club / Very realistic with the Bikes / Infact the Motrorcycle Co's are on Board with this one !

CHPS 18 -20 / Massive Spoilers

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Any idea who or if the manga is licensed in USA?

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CHP 28 New Years

Exactly that but when Hane hets her fortunate it' says bad luck .First no octopus in the taloyaki Then she cant find hr regular key for the sunrise ride . Raimu shows up the ride too! hen on the d r hated hand grips dont work and has to pull over and the engine heat warms her up . But she catches up to the sunrise

Speaking of bikes the Excellent Harley and The Davisons was a truly outstanding Discovery mini- series will repeat sat , They basically invented the flat track bike as an answer to racing on dirt flat tracks instead of the super dangerous board tracks that also a danger to the open wheel race cars

I had The World's Fastest Indian as my favorite true bike move but new mini series has me in awe!

The World's Fastest Indian

The World's Fastest Indian is a 2005 New Zealand biographical sports drama film based on the Invercargill, New Zealand speed bike racer Burt Munro and his highly modified Indian Scout motorcycle. Munro set numerous land speed records for motorcycles with engines less than 1,000 cc at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in the late 1950s and into the 1960s. The film stars Anthony Hopkins, and was produced, written and directed by Roger Donaldson.


Harley and The Davisons

Based on a true story, "Harley and the Davidsons" charts the birth of this iconic bike during a time of great social and technological change beginning at the turn of the 20th century. Walter, Arthur and Bill risked their entire fortune and livelihood to launch the budding enterprise. Each of these men faced very different challenges, but it was the motorcycle that united their dreams and ambitions. Walter, Arthur, and Bill cemented Harley-Davidson's reputation as a builder of bikes that go anywhere, can ride hard and ignore all the rules. It's a legacy that has endured over 100 years - and at the heart of the brand and its loyal riders.

Harley-Davidsons roar to life in Discovery miniseries

A Discovery Channel miniseries about the creation of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycle company offered a perk to its stars: the chance to ride modern re-creations of the company's early bikes.

Michiel Huisman (Game of Thrones), who plays one of the company's founders in the three-part Harley and the Davidsons (Sept. 5-7, 9 ET/PT), talked about the fun early motorcycles, with engines designed from scratch, at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Monday.

"I was lucky enough to ride replicas of bikes that don't exist anymore, or they're behind glass at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee," he says, adding he rode motorcycles in his 20s. "They were great fun to ride and very challenging to ride, but I think compared to the (originals). they were probably really smooth."

The Early, Deadly Days of Motorcycle Racing
Photographer A.F. Van Order captured the thrills and spills of board-track motorcycle racing in the 1910s

Flat track

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