Crunchyroll should forget about the regular 3DS
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Alright I know everyone one of you who has a 3DS has been waiting for Crunchyroll on your system your probably jealous that PSVita has it and we don't. I would looove to watch anime anywhere in the house besides the living room with the convenience of my New 3DSXL. But heres the bad news and here's a link: compared too the Vita the 3DS is under powered we saw sometime ago how the first Nintendo system to get Crunchyroll was the Wii U right? A powerful console but underpowered compared to the PS4 and XBOX ONE. Then the Wii got it, strange because the Wii should've gotten it first It's been around longer. But if your thinking that your gonna get to watch anime in 3D with the 3DS. THINK AGAIN!!! Look at the Youtube app how long did we wait for that? Look at it's speed and functionality not only that but it can only watch videos in 720p. PRETTY LAAAMME RIGHT? But they tried their best to make it work for 3DS with all that time and this is what we get. However because the New 3DSXL has better processing power and built-in flash which the 3DS lacked it can watch Youtube straight on the browser you can even upload videos from Smash on the New 3DSXL browser. How cool is that? So my argument here is while I know you've been waiting and wanting Crunchyroll on 3DS I don't think it's a good idea, because if we do chances are we will get a port of the Wii version with slow loading times lots of buffering on videos maybe the full queu won't load up. Lot's of bad things could happen making for a bad experience with the app. Do you want another Youtube repeat? It would be best if Crunchyroll started as a New 3DSXL exclusive then from there figure out how to scale down the app in order to give 3DS owners a better experience. But a New 3DSXL exclusive would be better. I'm not doing this just to spite you people who were waiting and want it just as much me. I'm not starting a fight with 3DS owners and uplifting the Vita through a console war. I use too hate the Vita because it was a better system! And because the Vita would mostlikely get the ports that 3DS would not like if a Mass Effect port were to happen only Vita would get it. I also use to hate the Vita because it didn't support UMD's like the PSP but I'm looking at the Games VITA has and considering getting one. I think I may drop my hate for the console and give it a chance, moving on so now you know I'm not starting a console war... I think I've made my point clear on why the New 3DSXL would a better choice to put Crunchyroll on.

Another thing I'd like to bring up since watching anime in 3D might be hard to develope, Crunchyroll may want to consider porting Crunchyroll manga first that would be easier to develop 3D manga for 3DS especially motion manga would be the closest thing to watching anime in 3D I noticed with the Crunchyroll for Wii U they are combining manga motion manga anime all in one app. I don't like that because they already got a massive library of that stuff with the seperate android apps. If you combine you have to start over and slowly build up that library. With Crunchyroll manga on 3DS we would have the full library and not have to wait for anything.

(Edited) Alternatives to consider: New 3DSXL, the Nintendo NX home console and portable hybrid.

Heres an idea! Why not make a Crunchyroll devteam manga that sort of updates us with their latest developments!
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