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Posted 1/7/16 , edited 2/18/16

Name: Kuru Shokuhin
Side: Inagus
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 4"
Likes: Cats, coffee, listening to music, climbing, high places... Did I mention cats?
Weaknesses: Has insomnia, attractive people, clumsy, embarrassed too easily.
Strengths: Hiding, getting along with animals, loyal
Will you work alone or in an organization?: Alone
Sleep Crawler
The ability to leave his body when sleeping. He can posses people in this state.
The ability to turn into inanimate objects.
Whatever attack the enemy inflicts on him is inflicted upon themselves.
Partner in crime:
His shadow, Kage. His shadow can actually talk back to him, and can even leave him sometimes. It often teases him when he does something wrong, making him feel embarrassed. It helps him strategize during battle and sorts out Kuru's thoughts when he has trouble thinking. No one except Kuru knows about his shadow.

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19 / M / Classified
Posted 1/7/16 , edited 2/20/16
Character name: Kurumi Tokisaki
Side (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): Ranmire
Age: 17 (looks) (actual age is unknown)
Gender: female
Weapon: Revolver and Rifle
Magic: Time Space – Allows her to freeze time and move freely within the frozen time space, this time space lasts for 10 seconds and anyone or anything inside the time space can't move until time has run out.

Time steal - Allows Kurumi to surround an area with a wide range time bubble, except unlike time space this one doesn't freeze time, in fact it takes time off anyone who is inside it, killing the people who are trapped inside and giving Kurumi their time and increasing her own lifespan.

Aleph - Accelerates Kurumi's movement speed to make it seem like she's teleporting, though she has just increased her ability to move. Activated by pointing at the 1 o'clock time on the clock. (part of inverse spirit form)

Yud - Allows Kurumi to see into the past of a target object or subject. Activated by pointing at the 10 o'clock time on the clock. (part of inverse spirit form)

Gimel - Allows Kurumi to fake her own death making it seem like she's dead until she shows herself in another place at another time. Activated by speech or thought, work in conjunction with Hei. (part of inverse spirit form)

Hei - Allows Kurumi to slip into a different time dimension giving her the ability to show up in any time zone she decides. Activates after Gimel has been activated. (part of inverse spirit form)

Vav - Allows Kurumi to take some of her own time and life and give it to another person who is dead to bring them back to life. (part of inverse spirit form)

Megiddo - Allows Kurumi to change her revolver and rifle into a cannon that fires a stream of pitch black and crimson flames that annihilates everything in it's path. Activated by putting both her revolver and rifle into her golden clock while in inverse spirit form. (part of inverse spirit form)

Daletto – Allows Kurumi to rewind time by shooting herself in the head, and when she rewinds time her wounds heal completely. Activated by pointing at the 4 o'clock time on the clock.

Bet – Allows Kurumi to slow down time on a target by shooting them. Activated by pointing at the 2 o'clock on the clock.

Zayin – Allows Kurumi to temporarily freeze time on a target by shooting them. Activated by pointing at the 7 o'clock time on the clock.

Het – Allows Kurumi to create clones of herself from the consumed lives of the people she kills. Activates by pointing at the 8 o'clock time on the clock. (pretty much the more people she kills the more clones she has access to)

Zaphkiel – Allows Kurumi to summon a giant clock and turn her left eye into a small gold clock, Zafkiel allows Kurumi to also use special bullets which is split into the rifle and the revolver, the revolver carries the special bullets that have her magic spells in them. The rest of the non magic imbued bullets reside inside the rifle, though the revolver can also fire non magic imbued bullets.

Elohim - Allows Kurumi to activate her Spirit dress to change her appearance and become her inverse spirit form. Activated through thought or speech.

Skills: Hand to hand combat, marksmanship, controlling time, killing, running, dodging, park-our
Job: N/A
Height: 5'8
Eye colour: red in right eye and gold in left eye.
Hair colour: Pitch black.
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Weaknesses: fighting more than 2 opponents at a time, activation for her clock leaves her open though only for a couple of seconds, can only use a certain amount of time before she has to pull out of a fight.
Strengths: long range combat, avoiding attacks, prolonged fights, lots of stamina, strong willed, cold blooded killer, feels no guilt, controls time making her a dangerous opponent.
Will you work alone or in an organization: Lone wolf
History: Kurumi looks like she's 17 years of age, where as because of her ability to control time her actual age is unknown to everyone but herself, Kurumi is different from other people, she has a spirit form and a normal human form, she looks completely different in her spirit form so it's impossible for her to get caught when she kills someone, however Kurumi is also a nice girl and has friends and can live normally. Kurumi over the years she has been alive has trained in using her magic along with her marksmanship, how being a long range fighter all her life she isn't all that skilled at close range combat as she believes she doesn't need to master hand to hand combat training in order to fight. Kurumi fights as a Ranmire and don't side with anyone and doesn't even side with other Ranmires, there isn't anything to say on Kurumi's past has it isn't known just how small or large her past may be.
(out of spirit form)

(In spirit form)

(Inverse spirit form)
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Posted 1/8/16 , edited 3/5/16
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19 / M / Classified
Posted 1/10/16 , edited 1/10/16
Character name: Mato Kuroi (last name translated as black)
Side (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): Luciaous
Age: 18
Gender: female
Weapon: arms, fists, legs and feet.
Magic: none
Skills: defensive training, hand to hand combat, basic self defence, dodging, awareness of her surroundings, (essentially mastery of all defensive fights arts)
Job: N/A
Height: 5'7
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Black
Likes: food, dancing, singing, meditation, her friends, her family, nice people, being helpful
Dislikes: rude people, over confident people, being interrupted during her meditation, being forced to fight, people judging her for what she wears.
Weaknesses: can't fight mid range fights very well, can't fight long range fighters very well, sensitive about the scars on her body, sensitive about her chest size.
Strengths: stronger than most men, fast, calm, quick thinker, quick reaction time, extremely dangerous in close quarters combat. Worst enemy for a long range fighter if she gets close.
Will you work alone or in an organization: Lone Wolf
Image: (minus the blades)
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20 / M / The Dark side of...
Posted 1/16/16 , edited 1/27/16
Yakoto Kion
Side (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): Ranmires
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Weapon (Ranmires Only): Terumi, a greatsword with two extra blades near the hilt.
Skills: Keen Eye. Keen eye can notice the utmost significant details of anything, but when doing so, cannot utilize his senses properly around his vicinity.
Job (If any): Bodyguard.
Height (optional): 6ft 5
Weight (optional): 68kg
Eye Color (optional): red
Hair Color (optional): silver
Likes (optional): Silence, Quick and easy jobs, Bartending, Art.
Dislikes (optional): Socially awkward situations, Fighting from long range.
Weaknesses: Fighting from long range, can't focus on multiple things.
Strengths: His strength and ability to quickly attack and move, plus his knowledge of vital spots (lethal or non-lethal), thanks to working as a bodyguard for a long time.
Will you work alone, or in an organization?: He is a hired man. Anyone with either the price, or the morality, he will aid them and their cause.
Appearance (image):
With Jacket:

Without Jacket:

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19 / M / Classified
Posted 1/29/16 , edited 2/28/16
Character name: Saeko Kotori

Side: (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): no side (human)
Age: 23

Gender: female

Weapon: pistol and two energy swords

Magic: Levitation - the name is as it sounds Saeko's magic gives her the ability to lift objects and subjects off the ground though she often uses it to fly.
Skills: hand to hand combat, running, dodging, flying, marksmanship, swordsmanship, dancing, singing, cooking.

Job: Spirit hunter

Height: 5'7

Eye colour: light blue
Hair colour: brown and green

Likes: her job, her friends, nice people, dancing, singing, the feeling of air rushing past her face.
Dislikes: Spirits, rude people, cocky people, life being taken meaninglessly, her parents.

Weaknesses: her friends, living without her exosuit, seeing innocent people die.
Strengths: is able to fly, both skills in close range and mid range combat, twice as strong and twice as fast a normal human thanks to her suit.

Will you work alone or in an organization: works in a human organization called the UEF.

History: Saeko was born at the normal time however despite that she almost died as her body couldn't seem to survive in the human world, her parents were both scientists and had created advanced technology, Saeko was placed inside a cryo chamber to keep her alive while her parents worked on creating an exosuit that could keep Saeko alive. Eventually her parents made an exosuit that was very advanced in technology, it was a exosuit that Saeko wore all her life after being taken out of the cryo chamber and put into the exosuit, of course this exosuit at the time was the size for a baby, and had what was needed for her baby self, but as years pasted the exosuit was of course changed and altered in whichever way Saeko needed it to be. However Saeko soon grew to hate her parents as they begun to start using her as a weapon, and outfitted her exosuit with armour plating and weapons, her exosuit became the pinnacle of the highest technology. Saeko was contracted into an organization called the UEF, at first Saeko was pissed off. But when she found herself not being used by her parents or bothered by them, and the organization gave her freedom which she'd never had before, she adapted to the organization. The organization asked Saeko if she would work with them to take out monsters called spirits and stop them from killing innocent people. Saeko refused at first but after a spirit killed her friends she changed her mind and said she'd help the UEF take down the spirits.

(side note Saekos team mates are Mato, Saito, Vali, James, Eren and Ashley)
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19 / M / Classified
Posted 1/29/16 , edited 1/30/16
Character name: Yuuta Tatanashi
Side (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): no side (actual spirit)
Age: immortal
Gender: male
Weapon: fists, arms, legs and feet.
Magic: fire manipulation
Skills: mastery of hand to hand combat, running, dodging, flying.
Job: N/A
Height: 6'0
Eye colour: red
Hair colour: pure white
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Weaknesses: long range fighters, girls (who are friendly), mid range combat, those who control a water element.
Strengths: close range combat, able to fly, accelerated reaction time, stronger and faster than humans.
Will you work alone or in an organization: no organization
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HIATUS // Zone 3
Posted 1/30/16 , edited 2/2/16

  • The heir of the Fushiki clan, a child who possess an incredible amount of powers that made her feared amongst her subordinate and enemies. Nicknamed as the "Princess of Flames", she is capable of incinerating her enemies to no blood, no bone, no ash, no nothing at all.

>>> Ability to control the elements of plasma, such as fire, lightning, comets, stars and interstellar gas clouds. She could manipulate them all at will, but summoning all of the plasma elements to create such world destructing force would kill her, despite her prowess in magic.

>>> Ability to suspend herself in the air for long periods of time. Could also be used as a mean of transportation. With this ability activated, she could grow a pair of white and red wings, with the help of her ability to manipulate plasma.

coding by Cipher. DO NOT RIP/STEAL.
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23 / F / Earth
Posted 1/31/16 , edited 1/31/16
Tatakai Hisame

Side :: Ranmire

Age :: 26

Gender :: Male

Job :: Professional

Height :: 6'4"

Eye Color :: Blue

Hair Color :: Ice Blue

Likes :: Lemon Pie, storms, motorcycles, coffee, fighting, chicks, smoking

Dislikes :: Extremely sweet food, sweet people, Inagus, Luciaous, cops, brats, basically everything, even other Ranmires.

Weaknesses :: The elderly

Strengths :: Storms, fear, violence, anger

Weapon :: Inhuman strength, knives, and a cursed gun.
The gun possesses a demon, whose body is made of liquid mercury inside of it, that feeds off of his anger. It only shoots smoke, but when it is shot the demon projects a solid version of itself into the real world, where it likes to break the bones of its targets and eat the hearts it rips out. It often does not discriminate between ally and foe, and Hisame is the only one able to control him.

The demon looks like this

Will you work alone, or in an organization?: Alone

Posted 2/1/16 , edited 2/1/16

17 yrs old
Abilities/Weapon: Bone Blades- Piper can pull out bones in her hand and use it as any type of bladed weapon
Teleportation-Can teleport anywhere she's been before, drains a lot of energy, can only be used five times until energy is totally drained
Weakness:vision-is practically blind
Strength:blades master
Works alone. Loves to pick fights.
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19 / M / Classified
Posted 2/11/16 , edited 2/11/16
Character name: Jess Kurr

Side: (Inagus, Ranmires, Luciaous): no side (human)
Age: 15

Gender: female

Weapon: none

Magic: Teleport - Jess has the ability to teleport herself a short distance, and can also teleport anything she touches.
Skills: unknown

Job: UEF organization member.

Height: 5'2

Eye colour: light brown
Hair colour: black

Likes: working, kind people, caring people, her friends.
Dislikes: rude people, unkind people, cocky people

Weaknesses: none (she doesn't fight)
Strengths: none (she doesn't fight)

Will you work alone or in an organization: UEF organization

History: Jess may be a young girl, but with a vast intellect and the ability to teleport she is one of the UEF's best workers. Jess never goes out into the field, but never the less she helps out with tracking the Spirits along with keeping the police away from the affairs of the UEF. Jess also takes care of the recruits.
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