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Posted 12/28/15
Living abroad for the first time in China and wondering if there are any other expats(of any origin and current location) out there. I'm interested in your experiences and how you're getting along in your new home.

I'm living in Southeastern China in a fairly big city and it's pretty great. Nothing I read about the country was very accurate, except perhaps the warnings about air pollution. I'm teaching English and learning the local language and having a good time in the local expat community even though it's a bit small.

The food is a mixture of amazing, awful and bland. Restaurants that serve local fair are pretty average and I find I like the little road side stands and restaurants much more. I've been lucky enough to miss out of the usual bout of sickness most foreigners seem to go through in the first few months.

I like it here, but the job isn't the best and I'm thinking of moving onto Beijing or Shanghai or even jumping countries to Japan or Korea. Any recommendations?

It's late and everything in my head is a bit jumbly, so I'll finish up for now. What's your experience been like?
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Posted 1/12/16 , edited 1/13/16
thats cool
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