Devil at the Docks
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Posted 12/29/15
The devil sits at the dock overlooking a warrior perched on the pier. The devil whispers "You cannot brave the storm, son."

The warrior looks up at Satan shouting "I am the storm!"

The devil says back "What are you on about?"

"I am the storm!" Shouts the warrior as lightning crackles through crashing rainfall.

"Are you okay? You've been saying that for a while. Do you want to be the storm inside? " the devil says as he summons a fleece jacket from the lowest pit of hell's maw.
He drapes the jacket over the warrior who cries "I am storm!"

"Look, I don't really know how to help you anymore here, but there's a clinic up the road. I even have a couple of horses you can ride. I'll let you take Pestilence. He loves meeting new people. " Two horses crawled forth from the Earth to greet the devil at the docks. He lifted the warrior onto Pestilence, and secured the man to the saddle. The devil mounted War. They road together through the rain, across sunken cobblestones, the devil keeping an eye on the warrior as the ride was a bit bumpy.

"We're almost there," the devil said.
"I am the storm!" Was the warrior's only reply.
The devil postulated that the warrior suffered a concussion after toppling out from his ship's crow's nest. He told the doctor this upon arrival and that this was outside his expertise.
After sending his horses back to the the fiery abyss, the devil bid the doctor farewell before returning to his inn by the sea.

Under the doctor's care, the warrior would be fit to sail in only a few days. The devil knew it wouldn't really help, but he stopped by the next day. He left a cup of cocoa next to the warrior's bed.
The warrior said with a rasp "I am... grateful. "

With the reds of the devil's cheeks growing just a bit brighter, he left the clinic.
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Posted 1/5/17
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