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Posted 12/29/15 , edited 12/30/15
Hello dorkyyydiary here,

So, I decided to create a new chrunchyroll account… yeaa I know what you’re thinking!! WHY??? hmmm.. because I feel like it, no reasons, really.. or 



I got you there hehehe.

Reason: I forgot my old acc. which I created way back, more like 4 years ago.

I finally decided to support CR ;)

Here comes the intro:

I really have nothing to say tbh, just hello! urrggg this is hard.

So, I just want to introduce myself, hence, the title… how could I forgot about that. Please, do excuse my grammar and punctuation; just want this to be informal smilies!! 

My name is ____, you can call me dorkyyy or A  and I’d like to keep it that way (btw my real name starts with A). I’m 18 years old, yeaa I’m legal hahaha ;D. In my free time, I either eat, sleep, read, draw - in a nutshell I’m introvert, yeaa BORING!! And no, I’m not boring - I mentioned in MY FREE TIME!! I like to party and explore too (winks), you might have passed by me, you never know. I’m currently in my 2nd year of college taking Law, Business and IT!! HARDCORE! Well they are very demanding subjects but I enjoy them, well, maybe except Business…

Well enough of these personal things, let’s leave it that way… way way way too personal - at least that’s what I think… who care hahaha!

Ohhhh I’m a gamer too!! Ask me about it!

I know you want to;



PS I love green, preferably celadon, moss green and tea green shades.
Posted 12/29/15 , edited 12/30/15
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