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Posted 12/30/15 , edited 12/30/15
Why the hell is a so called popular website, crunchyroll.com does NOT have Dragon Ball Z? Also any other Dragon Ball series for that matter. This is some big a*s bull! I did not just pay for some lame a*s subscription to here and not have a popular series not be on here. Dragon Ball Is one of the most popular shows among anime fans. Yet they put on some stupid shows that basically repeat for the same story just different drawings methods for every other anime and they don't even last very long because it's nothing but the same d**n story over and over again. Even with a subscription to HULU is bull because you get 1st season then it skips 2, 3, 4, and 5! Also Netflix doesn't have it either! They really need to amp up on their sh*t because this is just gonna ruin them in the end. If the are an anime site then they need to put ALL anime here. Otherwise this place ain't nothing but a dumpster for sad anime. Don't get me wrong, I know very well that they do have great anime on here but if they can't even get Dragon Ball on here or other anime that is popular among the anime community then this shouldn't be called an anime site.
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Posted 12/30/15
Short answer is - Crunchyroll doesn't have the rights to the series, and so it's not here.

Longer answer, TOEI / Funimation controls the license, so they get to choose who gets to air it online. I know CR has made bids for the streaming rights, and continues to do so whenever possible, but Funimation quite frankly has the edge on us, since they also have physical media (DVD/BD) and long term ties to airing on Cartoon Network which helps smooth bulk deals for shows on that side of things as well. They only air what they want to / have the rights to on Hulu, Netflix is in a boat similar to CR in that they couldn't get the bid for the license, etc.

CR tries for every single available license to stream. Some publishers, like Bandai, used to allow it for certain shows, but have since removed streaming rights for many of their older titles (Gundam Wing, Sacred Seven, etc). Some, like Funimation, will keep certain titles for themselves (DBZ), but will allow shared rights for others (Attack on Titan). It really varies, and even varies by season within a show and what region of the world it can air in, unfortunately.

But CR can't stream anything it doesn't have the license to, so.. no Dragon Ball shows. Sorry about that, it's just the legal reality.

Going to close this for now considering the one non-reply you got before this, but please send me a PM if you'd like to discuss further or possibly reopen it.
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