Series of Moon Parties in Canada / MoonDay in Canada
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Hi everyone, I apologize if this is not the correct forum-thread to share this information. If it is not the right place, feel free to move it to the correct thread.

Beginning on May 23, 2016, Canadian Moonie's and Fans of the Classic 92' Sailor Moon will be invited to participate in a Canadian-wide watch/re-watch of Sailor Moon. (Not Sailor Moon Crystal, but the 92' Classic Sailor Moon.)

This event will be an ongoing stretch spanning close to 2 years in length. On May 23rd at exactly 12:00am Pacific Time, a list of episodes for that day will be tweeted on the "@Sailor_Moon_CA" twitter page. Canadian Moonie's and Fans who wish to participate in MoonDay in Canada will be encouraged to watch through those episodes (it does not have to be at the same time, beginning at 12:00am Pacific Time, just as long as those selected episodes are watched during that 24 hour time-period.)

Following May 23, 2016 (every following Monday) an additional few episodes will be added to the list on the @Sailor_Moon_CA twitter page for Canadian's participating in these Moon Parties to watch. We will meet at sometime during each Moon Party (Every Monday) after watching the required-listed episodes to discuss those episodes with each other on Twitter. So that we all recognize each other as MoonDay in Canada Participants, it is encouraged to use the hashtag #MoonDay before typing out your message. Also, it is encouraged to use the #Canada hashtag as well, as we are representing our Country as the birthplace of Sailor Moon in English. Also, it is encouraged to take screen shots of each designated episode during each series of Moon Parties to aid in discussion of those episodes.

We will be watching through Classic 92' Sailor Moon "legally" so no illegal torrents, bootlegs, VPN's, proxies or streams will be allowed during this Canadian MoonDay Event. We will also be watching SM in Japanese, with or without English Subtitles.

There, of course, is more information to learn about MoonDay in Canada! So check out this link for farther information on details! Also, join the Canadian MoonDay Participants List as well on @Sailor_Moon_CA, as we are trying to keep track of the quantity of participants.

@Sailor_Moon_CA/MoonDay in Canada "Participants List:"

Finally, this participation in Canada's MoonDay Parties will be strictly limited to "Canadian Participants Only." Our friends in the United States have their own MoonDay Parties hosted by VizMedia through live-streaming websites that Canada did not have access too. This is our way of rekindling Sailor Moon (Classic 92') in Canada!

That is all, if you have any questions contact @Sailor_Moon_CA on Twitter or you can contact me at eternalIkuto10.

Thank you for all who decide to participate!

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