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Posted 12/30/15 , edited 12/31/15

A Filipino priest has been suspended by diocese authorities, after video of him gliding around church on a hoverboard during Christmas Eve mass went viral.

The priest, who has not been named, can be seen sailing up and down aisles as churchgoers in Laguna province applaud
"That was wrong," the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo said in a statement on its Facebook page. It said he greeted people and sang a Christmas song on the hoverboard and he was now out of the parish to "reflect".

"The Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence. It is the Church's highest form of worship, not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get attention," the diocese statement said.
It added that the priest saw the incident as a "wake up call".

A version of the video was uploaded by traditionalist Catholic group Novus Ordo onto its Facebook page and was widely shared, but it has drawn a mixed reaction on Facebook.

"Complete and total disrespect not only for the Lord but also for the salvation of all those poor souls," said Scott LaLonde. "To top it off he couldn't even sing."

Filipino Catholic Romy Vicente said the incident was "ridiculous". "How can you meditate if you see this happening inside the church where holy mass is going on?"

Other users showed support for the priest and applauded his "fun spirit".

"This is actually fun," said Rob Trainor from Canada. "I am Roman Catholic but not a practising one that attends Mass regularly. If there were more priests like this one, I may be tempted to return to mass. If people keep calling for traditions, you will lose even the most ardent Catholics."

"Doing a sermon from a hoverboard was a great way to show how Catholic church is making strides in entering the new era," commented another Facebook user Mark Lewis.

The Philippines is the third largest Christian country on earth, with an estimated 80 million Catholics.

With 81% of the population defining themselves as Catholic, the country's culture and society has been closely intertwined with the teaching of the church. Laws in the country are also often framed around traditional Catholic values.

Is what this priest did sacrilegious or should it be applauded? Was the priest wrong for doing this? Should he have been suspended? I'm curious as to what you guys think about this.
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I don't like what this priest did because the purpose of the Mass is to worship the Lord. It's not a time for the priest to show off his singing skills or anything else thats not on the rubrics. The Mass is a special time when we partake of the Body and Blood of Christ. We don't go to Mass to be entertained. If I wanted entertainment I would stay home and watch cat videos on YouTube.

The Latin Rite of the Catholic Church is in a complete mess. There are traditionalists who say that the New Mass is very open to liturgical abuse and that the Old Mass is more solemn and beautiful. There have even been groups who've left the Church over this issue.

I prefer the smokes and bells of old school Catholicism
More of this

Less of this

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The Eastern Churches of the Catholic Church and the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches still celebrate the Liturgy with great reverence and respect.
A quick video showing the New Mass of the Catholic Church vs the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church
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Sacrilegious is a strong word but what he did does seem pretty flippant and disrespectful. Not only is it a distraction, it is a distraction that compels everyone to focus on him and the silly thing he is doing at a moment when everyone should be coming together and worshiping as the body of Christ. So it's pretty self-centered as well.
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Posted 1/5/16 , edited 1/5/16
I'm not Catholic, so how the decision to deal with him was made - I can't really say if it was right or wrong.

Now, how would I feel if a Pastor went up and down the aisles during a Christmas Eve service on a "hoverboard?" That I can answer. I think it would diminish the service as it would be distracting. If there were a purpose to the hoverboard which related back to the sermon, that's one thing (although I can't really think of one...), but if it does not - it's pointless and as mentioned already, distracting.
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Posted 1/13/16 , edited 1/13/16
Pretty much agree with the comments here, even as a Protestant who doesn't attend a church with "high liturgy" and not a Catholic myself. While legitimate God-honoring worship and entertainment might occasionally share some traits, worship is fundamentally not entertainment. As mentioned, it is instead God-centered and God-revering. Anything that distracts from this shouldn't be part of the service or liturgy.

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