Meeting people and I know it doesn't always work
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2016 is a new year and it's time to reflect on the recent past. Some people are seeking new friendships and others are content the way things are. I wanted to share some of my creative ways of meeting people (which are harmless considering it's day time and you're not walking through a dark alley), and you (if you wanted) can apply my technique, wherever you live in the world.

If you were to approach a group of people, you could walk to them and drop this line:

Hi, I’m looking to get to meet more people. Do any of you have skype or facebook or something? Of course, I don’t know any of you yet, but we could get to know each other by chatting online.

-Take a breath-

I am trying to grow my circle of friends.

You know what? You need to be to the point. There is no point lying about anything and there is definitely no use in being creepy. Try not to come off as pretentious - I know how you naturally want to display a Golden image of yourself; having complete superiority. (it's human nature) But try to let go. Try and be relaxed.

Next topic - Awkward silences. Of course, You don't want to initiate an awkward silence, So without shutting down all of your brain activity, have at least one thing to say in advance. Make sure you don't ask them something complicated or strange, you'll only embarrass them as well as yourself.

I have a question for you. Do you think that people are more social online nowadays compared to ten years ago?

Await their response and make a simple response back to them Ex. "Oh interesting, I got a few varied answers to that question from friends and older cousins of mine"

Right now you would have said enough, remember, you don't actually know who these people are yet and if you already got some contact details such as email or something, It is time to go.

Wrap up the conversation by telling them you need you go somewhere.

"I have to go and meet a friend now, goodbye"
"I have an appointment with the dentist soon, gotta go, bye"

on some occasion you might meet rude people with a strange behavior and in this case, you should have no response. You can just walk away and say "whatever" if you wanted to.

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This is quite helpful. Thanks for sharing!
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thats cool
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