[Poll] Which was Rumiko Takahashi's best masterpiece?
Posted 1/2/16
Rumiko Takahashi is a very famous manga artist, creating the worlds of Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha & Urusei Yatsura. So of the three which would you feel was her best piece of work, from your opinion and why the others don't match up to it!
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Posted 1/3/16
Although the other two (Inuyasha, and Urusei Yatsura) are a fine couple of shows that have transcended the hand of time Ranma made me want to watch in a couple of sitting. The set up allowed for some hysterical situations with all characters bringing something to the table weather it was cowardice in the fave of danger, a perverted oap, or getting lost down to fine art. I recommend you watch this if you haven't yet and if you have go re-watch it
Posted 1/3/16
I personally have experienced all three in some capacity, having watched all of Inuyasha, watched some of Urusei Yatsura and reading Ranma 1/2 Currently, I feel that all of them are amazing in their own rights with all meeting a different genre, however personally I have a love for Inuyasha, purely for how the story is delivered and the characters and hardships each character meets, with the goal of defeating the final enemy.

Whilst I harbor a love for all three with each being treasured for reaching different parts of my heart its Inuyasha which wins me over!
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