[Game] Anime Battleships
Posted 1/2/16 , edited 1/2/16
This game is taking a childhood favourite and placing a new twist to make it more accessible for all. So here are the rules:

There will be two teams, Moderators VS Community, and each week the choices will be cycled through.

-You are only allowed 2 guesses per day.

The object of the game is simple, work with your team to guess the allocated amount of choices (these will vary in the amount of hits each battleship would take). However here's the twist, with the smallest boat for example with two hits, will have you guess two anime (one representing each hit) you will receive one clue for each one, but the less hits you have to get the harder the clues will be, so with two slots being the hardest and 5 slots being the easiest to guess.

The answer will only be known by myself and the creator and we will monitor the game so that its fair.

The game is over once one team has guessed all the correct answers within the given time-frame and the winner gets the fun of sinking the other team's battleship!

See you all out there!
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