Similarities between K-On! and Love Live!
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Posted 1/3/16
First all, let's make one thing clear: the purpose of this talk is NOT to make fun or anything else to these two shows. I just do this for fun ( i'll explain eventually). Understood? Good. Let's get started!

How did this come up:

Before i begin, allow me to explain how did this idea came up (this is gonna take a while). I started watching anime in 2013, watching some shows. Then, in Q4 2014/ Q1 2015, i found Love Live!, in which of course, i fell in love for that. After finishing that in spring 2015, i thought i would "expand my territory" by watching something else. I heard that K-On! is popular show too, so why not. I bought both seasons and movie on DVD in summer 2015. Because i watched all of them twice (in japan and english), i finished it in fall 2015.

This is where it begins: while watching K-On!, i started to found some similarities and started to compare these shows. I did write some notes, but due to fact i've been busy in Q3/Q4 2015, this talk got delayed. So, i finally got time to write this.

Finally, this talk took few hours to finish, so some respect please.

How this talk works:

I will point out things i found similar between the two. I've watched both twice, so i should know my staff. However, as i said earlier, due to delayes, i may miss some things. That's where YOU come in. If i miss something, post it and i will analyse it, how close they are in resemblance.

Categories are as follows:

Similar: Simple as it sounds, things that look/resemble/sound/etc. between these two.

Different: Things that separates these two.

As an additional rule, each category has a sub-category.

Ps: To avoid confusion, any name, etc. that appears on the left is for K-On! and likewise on the right is for Love Live!.

And now, the part you've been waiting for:

Let the similarities between K-On! and Love Live! begin!



- Yui/Honoka: The first thing i would like to point out is their nature, and i guess it's obvious to some. Both are bit of a airhead, but they are serious when necessary.
- Mio/Umi: Mio is the one, who (mostly) writes the lyrics, and Umi shares this too. Also, while this may not be anything, their hairstyle is similar.
- Mio/Hanayo: Mio again? Yep. But just for one thing: being shy. Not that much as Hanayo, however. Just wanted to point out.
- Azusa/Nico: Similarities? Somewhat same-looking.
- Azusa/Nozomi: Somewhat similar hairstyle. Also, as a sidenote, Umi does same kinda thing as Nozomi in Ova-episode.
- Tsumugi/Maki: Obvious to most. Both have somewhat luxurious houses.
- Ui/Yukiho: While Ui acts as a "older sister", Yukiho is somewhat matured, but both are similar in overall.


- S1 Ep7/S2 Ep10: Mio was the only one wearing kimono. Same goes to Maki.
- S2 Ep20/S2 Ep11: Talking about future of their group and little bit of drama, but that's just natural.
- S1 Ep3/S1 Ep7: Similar theme, with the clubs being disbanded if certain characters fail their test.

- Club being disbanded if doesn't recruit four members./School being closed if number of applicants doesn't
- GIrls are rarely seen in same everyday cloths (school univorms don't count)./Girls are rarely seen in anything else than idol outfits or school univorms.
- Very few male characters appear./None, unless Honoka's father is counted; face is not shown, however.
Group consist other than same year students (both).
- While this is (mostly) manga-based, Azusa, Ui & Jun have their own group./Yukiho and Alisa form their own. However, neither of groups are not featured in anime.

- Related to previous one. LL S1 Ep8. Scene where Eli talks how to increase school's popularity, Yukiho and Alisa's friend(?) is with them but doesn't appear in the rest of the series.
- Leader is NOT THE main character/Leader IS THE main character.

This pretty much wraps the whole thing. I know missed some things, because i couln't take notes, but like i said, if you found something similar, you're free to post.

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Posted 1/3/16
I swear to god, /a/ has this discussion on a weekly basis.
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Posted 1/3/16

Yoshithehero wrote:

Finally, this talk took few hours to finish, so some respect please.

You're asking a hell of a lot from me.

Seriously, there aren't nearly as many similarities as you make them out to be. Yes, they're both music anime with cute girls, but they tackle it very differently. I mean, K-On! is pretty much the epitome of moe blobs, but in music form, and while I'm not saying Love Live! is an incredibly serious anime, I'd still say it's a little unfair to put it on the same level as K-On! just because they share the same basic premise (if that), with cute girls as their main characters. I really wouldn't say the characters are that similar, either. The only similarities that come to mind are between Mio and Umi, and even then, it's only really their shyness, and little else. Hell, the times K-On! is ever actually about music are far and few between, too.
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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