[East V.S West] - Ace D. Portgas V.S Johnny Storm
Posted 1/3/16 , edited 1/3/16
Welcome one and all to the showdown of the beast from the East versus the Best from the West! On tonight's showdown to the death, we have in the Red corner coming from... One Piece, (Firefist) Ace. D. Portgas! And in the blue corner coming from... The Fantastic Four! (Human Torch) Johnny Storm!

Discuss below who possesses the greater potential to best the other, who would win and why?

(Haki will not be permitted in this particular bout, As to even up the odds for both)
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Posted 1/3/16
I believe the outcome of this fight would be a close call but ultimately Ace would triumph as he has more fighting experience

however Johnny Storm does monopolize the skies but if he takes the fight indoors that can be neutralized i believe Ace's firefist packs a punch
and his strength is validated by white beard
and that is why i believe Ace would win.
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Posted 1/3/16 , edited 1/3/16
Unfortunately despite me wanting Ace to win so badly Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch will win this match. The reason for this despite Ace can handle fire very well

Also Johnny Storm powers are mixed with the Power Cosmic when he went Planck temp..the most he's gone under from his own power is star level heat(which is still MUCH hotter than anything Ace has endured).
Posted 1/5/16
My opinion will be broken down into 3 factors, Long Range. Short Range & Experience.

-Long Range-
Firstly we'll examine their long range attacks, Both being flame users this one isn't really where the interesting part comes, both can use fire equally well at long range. Although Johnny Storm can raise his heat up this wouldn't really effect Ace in the fact that he would absorb fire thanks to his abilities, and despite Ace's vast skill and experience with his fruit he also can only emit fire-based attacks, in which Johnny Storm can can absorb with ease thanks to him being able to raise his body's temperature to heats of the Sun and Plasma heat levels. Therefore my Verdict for this section a draw.
-Short Range-
Secondly shifting our focus on the Close range capabilities, Ace seems to be able to brawl quite well too, and Johnny Storm can to an extent too, however the factor here to consider is Johnny Storm's ability to heat himself up, with being able to reach Plasma/Magma heat, in which Ace would struggle to come close too, and even touch.
So considering this factor alone, Johnny Storm is already a foot up with this section and victory goes to him in this situation.
Battle Experience
Third and Finally is both their combat experiences, Ace has a lot of experience from travelling the grand line
in which he earned around 2 - 3 years experience (Noted from flashbacks) In which he has probably fought a lot of foes, So he has more experience than Johnny Storm in this account, but I still feel loses to the Human Torch, reason being whilst fighting against others, Ace only had to worry about himself on the battlefield,
However the Human Torch, would not only have to battle, but battle whilst protecting citizens, in this battle where Johnny Storm wouldn't have anyone to protect he could go all out, as well as the enemies he would have are in a completely different league, being 'Super Villains' Which Ace wouldn't be able to handle, due to the difference in strength between the two worlds and how the opponents can be portrayed. Therefore this Section goes to Johnny Storm.
-Closing Argument-
Closing this argument we can conclude that at Long-range nothing will happen, however the level of strategics involved will be immense with both being fairly experienced, Ace will realise he can't get close and try to find another way to be able to defeat the Human Torch, whereas the Human Torch can simply fly and 'chase' Ace. And once the battle gets up close and personal this is where Ace's downfall will be with The Human Torch's heat composition. and 'super' human strength which allows him to compete against the likes of Super Villains and that's why after my final thoughts the battle will drift into Johnny Storm's favour after a battle of attrition.
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