[East V.S West] - Alucard V.S Blade
Posted 1/3/16 , edited 1/3/16
Welcome one and all to the showdown of the beast from the East versus the Best from the West! On tonight's showdown to the death, we have in the Red corner coming from... Hellsing, (King of the Vampires) Alucard! And in the blue corner coming from... Blade! (The Ultimate Vampire Hunter) Blade!

Discuss below who possesses the greater potential to best the other, who would win and why?
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Posted 1/3/16 , edited 1/3/16
If I had my wish I would like to say Blade because he is to cool and such a bad mofo.

However the logic in my mine says that Alucard will win. Even though he is a vampire he is on par with a demon or stronger than majority of supernatural creatures. His ability to take damage and regenerate is so advanced that mere vampires cannot match. His shape shifting abilities is as very handy as he can use this ability to adapt to any situation he is in.
Despite his strength and powers he will tend to not rush into battle. Normally he will like to let his opponent do the attacking first. This is not on purpose as he likes to use psychological tactics. Playing with his opponents mind before he finishes them off.

Despite Blade is half-vampire he is in theory a super human. His endurance is much superior to a human but he cannot take damage like Alucard to. However his battle experience with vampires can make it a crafty opponent to Alucard. The only way Blade can win is by using his battle experience and technology
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Posted 1/6/16 , edited 1/6/16
Although blade is a day walker and took out Dracula i would have side with Alucard the guy when unleashed is on a whole different level and would make even the most bravest of men to run and hide.
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Posted 5/25/16 , edited 5/25/16
Alucard, no doubt about it... Blade wouldn't last five minutes at all.
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