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Post Reply What are some animes you never got into?
Posted 2/1/16

Yu yu Hakushou especially interests me, as well as DBZ and Evangelion, but these are the only 3 I will probably ever get around to watching, unless I really like one. Still they are on low priority, but I will definitely attempt them.
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Posted 2/1/16 , edited 2/1/16
Wow every season there are 3 or 4 that I do the 3 episode test before I drop them.

Some of the big ones that I tried and just couldn't get into are Bleach and One Piece. I really fell I should watch more just because they are such cornerstones, but I really can't get into them.
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Posted 2/1/16
Pet Girl of Sakurasou
- too pervy
- no... objective, end goal, purpose... What was the whole point of this show?

I enjoy slice of life, but it does need to go somewhere.

Shakugan no Shana
- way too predictable
- irritating MCs... that ultimately end up cliche anyways
- oh yeah, too pervy, but, now that I'm aware of more, it was rather mild compared to other stuff

Star Driver
- this is the most disgustingly thin anime I've ever, EVER encountered. It's like everything - chairs, robots, people - were stuck in a toaster
- I hate mecha - see below

- too cliche

Mobile Gundam you name it
- too cliche

Any mecha
- too cliche and/or predictable
Although I did start watching A/Z, which is also incredibly predictable in the long run, but at least it has some interesting aspects.

Heavy Object
- see above

Other mecha
- see above

Then of course there are tons of anime I took a look at and said "no", ranging from Spice and Wolf to Bakemonogatari. I debated on Bakemonogatari for a long time, but I'm just not interested in ghost stories, no matter how well written they may be.
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Posted 2/3/16
Lol finaly someone who added reasons "gives cookie"

Ugh whats so bad about mecha?
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Posted 2/6/16 , edited 2/6/16
Your lie in April.
I was really trying to like this but it's so predictable. I mean I've watched 4 episodes so far and I'm almost sure that someone close to the main character is going to be really, really sick at the end (most likley the blonde one) . But even if this is not going to happen I'm still having a hard time watching it because you know what's going to happen in every episode after a few minutes.
I really like the music so maybe I'll keep watching it but they have ruined every music scene in my opinion so far. It's obvious what you want to tell us, it's unnecessary to let your characters talk about it all the time. Music and expressions alone would have been enough.
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Posted 2/6/16
Naruto-to long, better uses for my time
Bleach- see naruto
Fairy Tale - watched the first 2 seasons then saw it was gonna be another mainstream shounen like Bleach and the like
One Piece- i will never watch this show, 15 years from now it will still be going on episode 15000 or something

That being said i did enjoy what i watched of fairy tale, even if it was predictable, just to long to keep my interest.

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