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Post Reply Is this all the animes for season winter-2016?
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Posted 1/4/16 , edited 1/4/16

SverreMunthe wrote:

And as a serious anime follower I am among the NOW NOW NOW crowd, and my guess is that many of the paying customers are in that crowd. I want to know, and I pay for it.

One would think that in 57 years, you would have learned some patience. Whether CR announced early or not, it won't change what they will and won't be getting.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, Funimation doesn't have to worry about regions like CR does. You'll also note their new titles are missing simulcast times (and based on past history, many won't be announced until just before their premiere). If CR posted a list of titles without regions, it would be like a big tease to the rest of the world outside the US and Canada (and even we aren't absolutely guaranteed, as some past examples have proven).

In the end, CR isn't going to change the way they do announcements, because it has worked for them for many seasons. The staggered announcements generate more publicity than Funimation's "one and (mostly) done" method, and fits the way they have to negotiate contracts better.

It also helps prevent people from forgetting CR actually has a title (which I've seen happen time and time again when CR announces something early. SAO II was a prime example of that, with people asking for it time and again in the forums after CR had already announced it, because they so very early.

Saying they don't have the information is totaly bs since I don't think any serious distributer will be gambling this close to the premiers.

By distributor do you mean CR or the publisher licensing the anime to CR? For the latter, it is certainly no gamble. If they want to license the title, they'll still get it licensed even after the premiere.

For CR, what is the "gamble?". Licensing anime isn't like buying groceries at the supermarket. It actually takes negotiation, which takes time, especially when a company is trying to get as many territories as possible.
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Posted 1/4/16
When it comes to the Internet it doesn't really matfer where in the world you live, you can change your routers origin for free (maybe a dollar a month if you want to do it the easy way) and within seconds, so wherever a certain anime is available, just use the correct ip-address. Also, as I've said, every single anime show is available for download, with English subs, just as fast as they are from CR. I think it's about time a few executives around the world starts to understand that since the knowledge about this is increasing rapidly.
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Posted 1/5/16
"Who cares if CR didn't license a particular anime in my region? Let me tell you of a technique to get around that, that I'll probably get banned for telling you! Fuck the police!"

For a 57 year old, you're sounding embarrassingly childish, and I suggest you quit while you're... Well, I'd hardly say you're ahead at this point.

Alright, let's say CR had an anime licensed to stream, and announced it way before it started airing, but hadn't finalised the countries that they were allowed to stream in. Don't you think fans would be a little ticked off if they announced that they were going to stream this anime, but as the airing date came close, they came back and said "Whoops. Actually, it's only licenced in this one country, and it's not yours. Lol. Sorry."

It's awesome you want to support the industry, but don't use your impatience, for announcements, no less, to justify pirating. If you want free shit, just say so, without the BS justification. In all honesty, I'd have more respect for a person who pirated because they didn't want to pay, than a person who pirated because they were upset over the announcements being too close to the air dates.

Anime will still come out at the time it's scheduled to air, unless they're still trying to get a particular anime, or they have arrangements with other legal sites, or whatever, so getting pissy over announcements just sounds insanely immature, especially with the tone you're putting across.
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