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Posted 1/4/16 , edited 1/4/16
Is there a problem with the Winter schedule that CR Dont want to reveal ?

To be fair Funimation is also noted for no updates!

Crunchyroll, FUNimation & The Anime Network Streaming Calendar For January 4th, 2016

Posted by Chris Beveridge THE FANDOM POST

As the new year and the new anime season gets underway, some of the usual problems persist, such as Crunchyroll’s currently broken calendar that isn’t listing new or free shows properly. But with a deluge of new shows coming, we know based on past experience that it’ll take a little time to shake things back into proper place.

Set up for today, CR has two new subscriber simulcasts up with:

6:30am - Ace of the Diamond Second Season - Episode 39
1:45pm - Mr. Osomatsu - Episode 13

On their free side:

1:35pm - JK-MESHI! - Episode 13
1:40pm - Anime De Training! Ex - Episode 12

FUNimation has nothing on either its subscriber or free side today.

The Anime Network is continuing to work through their series and has two on tap for today.

2:30 AM GMT – Ushio & Tora - Details - 23 – Eternal Solitude
6:00 PM GMT – Perfect Insider, The - Details - 9 – Yellow Blind Spot
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Posted 1/4/16 , edited 1/4/16
You have to keep in mind that holidays and weekend fell consecutively in both the US and Japan this time around. If people have several consecutive days off in Japan, nothing will happen over here either.
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