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Posted 2/2/16
Ryouta watched as Elton collapsed on the bed. "Poor guy, I made him do more than he could." Ryouta nodded, walking toward Elton's blanket. He picked it up, strolling back to Elton's bed. Ryouta brought up one leg, resting the knee on top of the mattress, right next to Elton. He set the blanket over him, turning toward Elton's feet to cover them up as well. Ryouta pulled back, smiling gently. "If you need anything else, like water, let me know." Ryouta begun walking to his desk, when he realized the light was still on. He walked toward the switch, turning the lights off, before going to sit at his desk. He pulled out his headphones, putting them on so that they'd cover only one ear, and plugging them into the laptop. He began playing some music as he browsed the web.
Posted 2/2/16
Elton hid his nose beneath the blanket and curled up in the warmth. "Thank you. I should say that out loud...." When the lights turned off, he shut his eyes gently. He tossed and turned for a while until he ended up laying sideways, facing Ryouta's side of the room. His legs spread wide and his eyelids felt heavy as he tried to open them to see what he was doing. Ryouta's laptop screen illuminated parts of the room. Elton's bangs fell forward when he shifted his position so that he'd be laying on his stomach. "You're staying up later?"
Posted 2/3/16
Ryouta tapped his finger quietly as he listened to music and checked his emails. "Spam... Spam... Spam... And more spam." He sighed as he moved all of the emails to the trash. They weren't worth reading. Ryouta rest his chin in his hands, slumping his shoulders. He glanced at his mother's email address on the screen. "I should probably tell her I'm ok," Ryouta thought, his hands hovering above the keyboard. He began typing, and finally, when he was done, he clicked send. It wasn't a very long email, maybe one or two sentences, but it was enough. He didn't need to explain. He turned around as Elton spoke. "Sorry, is the light bothering you?"
Posted 2/7/16
Elton shook his head, answering Ryouta. He wasn't bothered by it. In fact, it made him feel a little happy. He liked the feeling of knowing there was someone else there. When he lived in America, he was often alone and always studying, so he felt entusiatic about the new company. "Goodnight, Ryouta." He finally closed his eyes.
Posted 2/9/16
Ryouta relaxed as Elton murmured a quiet good night. He closed his browser before shutting his laptop, setting his headphones on top. He got up and stretched, crawling into his bed quietly. Elton was surely asleep by now, yet Ryouta rolled onto his side, facing the direction of Elton's bed. "Good night," Ryouta whispered softly, knowing Elton doesn't hear him. He shut his eyes, face pressed against his pillow as he falls asleep to Elton's soft breathing.
Posted 2/9/16 , edited 2/9/16
It was morning. It was morning, morning. Birds were chirping and the sun was shining through the black curtains. He even heard muffled laughter from the people already outside through the windows. "Ugh." It was way too early for any teenager to be awake, Elton thought, but somehow he sat up in bed with close to no energy. He picked up his phone to check the time. "5:00AM? Am I up too early? Ryouta is still asleep." Elton groaned in exhaustion. He certainly wasn't a morning person. He rolled out of bed and strayed toward his closet. He pulled on a white t-shirt and then tried on the school unifrom. "Doesn't suit me." He put in his silver stud earrings before nodding his own aprroval. Elton gathered his sheet music and text books and put them into his school bag. When he was done packing, he looked at the time, then crawled back into bed. "Maybe I can sleep for a few more minutes..."
Posted 2/10/16 , edited 2/10/16
At seven o'clock, Ryouta's phone went off, the ringtone echoing in their room. Ryouta got up, making his way to his phone quickly and shutting the alarm off. He stretched, arching his chest outwards, causing his back muscles to tense. He relaxed his shoulders, scratching his neck as he walked toward his dresser, pulling out and putting on his uniform. The uniform fit nicely on him. It wasn't very baggy yet there was room for him to freely move around. His hair was unruly, hair strands sticking out here and there. He turned toward Elton, who was sitting up, rubbing his eye sleepily. "Good morning. Want to get breakfast?"
Posted 2/11/16
Elton woke up once again, to the sound of Ryouta moving about their room. He sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes, still weary. He wasn't quite awake yet. "He asked about breakfast, right? I heard breakfast?" Elton stood up from his bed and yawned. "Morning." He said drowsily. He grabbed his already packed school bag and some money from his dresser drawer. "I don't really eat in the morning but I'll sit with him." He grabbed his phone and his key to the room. "I'm ready when you are."
Posted 2/17/16
As Elton got up and collected his things, Ryouta struggled to comb his hair neatly. Eventually, he gave up on his bed head, too tired to try to fix it. He picked up his bag, grabbing his wallet, phone, and headphones on the way out. He also grabbed his set of keys, just in case they were to separate later that day. Ryouta shut the door, locking it. The dormitory was lively compared to yesterday. People stood in groups, all chatting away. "Have you checked your class schedule? I wonder if we have any classes together..." Ryouta said, staring absentmindedly ahead, one hand in his pocket as they walked. "Ahh, I want coffee..."
Posted 2/17/16
Elton walked aside Ryouta, his hands resting behind his head. "This smell in the morning...makes me sick." He wasn't used to waking up and already being at school. "It's way too early and my brain isn't working~ He said schedule? I missed it! I'm an idiot... What did he say?" Elton relaxed his shoulders and grabbed his schedule from his school bag. "I can't really read this..." He looked toward Ryouta with a muddled expression. "I feel so incredibly useless." Elton slouched a little more when he walked, with a heavy sigh and tugged on Ryouta's sleeve. "Wh-what classes do you have?"
Posted 2/17/16
Ryouta curiously turned his head to Elton after feeling a tug on his sleeve. "So Elton gets adorably close when tired, huh." Ryouta thought, resisting the urge to ruffle Elton's hair. He looked ahead again, thinking back to his schedule. He placed a finger on his chin, head tilting to the side. "My first period is Mathematics, followed by Japanese, English, Physical Education, and Science. Then I have lunch, Musics class, and Health." Ryouta turned toward Elton again. "I wonder if he got any of that? Maybe he needs coffee to wake him up, too."
Posted 2/17/16
It took Elton a second to process his words. "Right, yes I think..." He gazed at his feet. "I think we have Japanese and Phys Ed together." His eyes shifted. "My two worst subjects. Great." He looked over his schedule once more, trying to figure out which meant what. "We probably have the same lunch too. If we don't I'll just skip class and meet you somewhere." He shrugged and shoved his schedule back into his school bag. "You wanted breakfast, right?"
Posted 2/18/16
"I really don't think you should skip class," Ryouta said, smiling a bit. Ryouta didn't know if Elton wanted to skip class because he wanted to be with Ryouta, or if he just didn't want to be alone at lunch. Either way, Ryouta felt happy that Elton wanted to have lunch with him. "Yeah... I want a small breakfast and coffee." Ryouta wished he could just make the breakfast himself. He wondered if the school had a kitchen free for students to use. Perhaps there was one in the dormitory they didn't know about. He'll check it out after school. "Want to eat somewhere outside? It's nice out, and there's still quite some time before class."
Posted 2/18/16
"Eh? Skipping is no big deal, Ryouta" Elton laughed into his arm. "So has he never skipped before? Or maybe he doesn't want to eat lunch together." Elton let his arms swing at his sides as they walked. "I can go get your breakfast with you. Wait in line with you and such..." He dug around his pocket for his phone to check the time. "Guess we do have quite a bit of time. WAIT. Then why am I not sleeping right now?" Elton nudged Ryouta in his side. "Is that okay?"
Posted 2/20/16 , edited 2/20/16
"I've never skipped school before... Can't you get in serious trouble for that?" Ryouta asked nervously. They finally stepped out of the building. "Sure. It'll be easier if you came with me. That way you're not bored waiting all by yourself." Ryouta squint his eyes as they walked outside. It was warm and bright. They entered the cafeteria, quickly getting their lunches before exiting. "Where should we eat?"

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