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Ryouta's face flushed hearing Elton compliment his hair. He stood in the water quietly as Elton left to get his things and get changed. He pressed his forehead against the bathroom wall, relaxing against the cool tiles. He heard Elton come back in. "Oh, thanks." Ryouta stepped away from the wall, turning the water off. "Yeah, I'm done. I'll be done dressing and getting ready in two minutes." He waited until Elton left, shutting the door behind him. Ryouta peaked around the curtain, drawing it back slowly. When he was sure the coast was clear, he stepped out, picking up his towel and starting to dry himself with it. He quickly got dressed, grabbing a comb and running it through his hair. "Is my hair really considered cute?" He wondered, trying to style it. Just when he'd thought he got his hair under control, his hair popped right back up. He sighed, placing the comb on the counter. He turned and opened the door, making his way to his dresser quickly. He opened it up, putting a few bracelets around one wrist and a necklace around his neck. "I'm ready." Ryouta slipped his feet into his shoes, standing by Elton.
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Elton finished lacing up his high tops and stood up. He grabbed the room key from his dresser and shoved his phone in his pocket. "Yay! Let's go~" Elton skipped out of their room. He stopped down the hallway and waited for Ryouta to catch up. Elton looked up at Ryouta as they walked side by side. "I haven't explored around Yuthera Academy's neighborhood yet. Have you? It seems too proper!" He emphasized his words with his hand gestures. They walked off school grounds from the front gate.

[Exit to Off Campus]
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[Entering Dormitory]

Elton ran in after Ryouta and jumped on his own bed. He bounced happily for a moment then laid down in exhaustion. "I wish I wasn't so tired already" Elton turned his head to look over at Ryouta. He rolled over so he was hanging off his bedside, his head almost touching the floor, his hands over his stomach as if to keep himself still. "Ryoutaaa~ you should do my homework for me."
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Ryouta set the box of sweets on his desk, the plastic forks on top. Ryouta took off his bracelets, placing them back in his dresser. "Do your... homework?" Ryouta turned to Elton, looking down. "If I do that then you won't learn anything. What will you do on your tests? I can't do those for you." Ryouta plopped onto his own bed, facing Elton. "I have my own homework, as well," he complained.
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Elton tried to swing himself back up and ended up falling on his head instead. He cringed at the sudden pain for a moment. "A-ah yeah that's true." He sat up on the floor and rubbed the back of his neck. "Guess there's not that much to do anyway." Elton got up and walked over to his desk to grab his laptop which was covered in an overwhelming amount of stickers. He brought it back to his bed and opened it up to get started on his homework but eventually drifted on to a different tab to watch videos.
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Ryouta nodded. "I'm sure you'll finish it quickly. If you need help you can ask me." Ryouta sat at his desk, pulling out his notebooks and textbooks. He began doing his work, the clacking of Elton's keyboard providing Ryouta with comforting background noises. The atmosphere was calming, and soon enough he finally finished. Ryouta pumped his fist triumphantly before turning toward Elton. "Hey, are you done? Want to eat the cakes we got earlier?"
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Elton tried to contain himself with his earbuds in. "This cover song is amazing! I wonder if I can download this." He took out an earbud and looked up from his screen at Ryouta. "Hm? Done? Y-yes--" He clicked into the tab where he was supposed to be doing his homework. None of it was even touched, "---Yeah. It's pretty much done. I'll just finish it up later tonight." He closed his laptop and stood up to stretch. "Let's eat!"
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Ryouta picked up the cakes from the mini fridge, grabbing the two plastic forks from earlier. He brought the contained to Elton's desk, setting it beside Elton's laptop. He dragged his chair away from his own desk, setting it next to Elton. "Let's eat~," Ryouta said, opening the container of cakes and handing a plastic fork to Elton. Ryouta began eating his own cake gleefully, trying to hold back from devouring the whole thing.
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Elton took his fork and began to eat his cake. "So delicious!" He tried to eat it slower so he could savor it more. His eyes wandered over Ryouta's cake. "That looks good too." Elton carefully watched each bite Ryouta took-- the fork going from his rich cake to his lips. "H-Hey, Ryouta," He looked down at his own half eaten cake, "Can I try some of yours?" Elton's eyes sparkled with hope as he waited for a response.
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Ryouta pulled the fork from his mouth, clean of cake. "Sure. But only if I can have some of yours, too." Ryouta eyed Elton's cake. "That looks really good, too. I'm sure he'll accept this trade, right?" He turned the container around so that Ryouta's cake now faced Elton, and Elton's cake now faced him. He didn't dig in just yet, though. He wanted a confirmation from Elton first, just to make sure.
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Elton was eating Ryouta's cake as soon as he turned the container around. "Deal!" He exclaimed in pleasure, his mouth full. Elton didn't know whether he was supposed to finish Ryouta's cake or if one bite was all he was offering. He looked at the piece of cake he had on his fork. "Are we sharing the rest or what? If not then--" Elton turned his fork toward Ryouta, hoping he'd accept the extra piece he might've stolen.
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Ryouta looked at Elton, studying his face before his gaze dropped to the fork outstretched to him. His eyebrows scrunched together for a moment before they relaxed. He leaned in, lips wrapping around the fork. His gaze bore into Elton's eyes as he pulled away slowly, licking his lips. He turned back to Elton's cake, dipping his own fork in it. "Thanks, you can have the rest of it, though." He went back to eating Elton's cake casually, savoring the taste.
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Elton looked away, blushing horribly. "Th-that was definitely our second indirect kiss today!" He scruffed up his blonde hair and held back his bangs, trying to calm himself subtly. It was probably very obvious how anxious he was feeling. Maybe Ryouta was too focused on cake. He looked up at Ryouta and eventually went back to eating. Elton sat back as he finished the last bite. "Thanks, Ryouta. I'll pay you back once I get that job. Promise."
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"Hm? Oh, you don't have to pay me back, really," Ryouta tried to dismiss the thought, flicking his hand. He picked up the container and plastic forks, dumping them in the trash. He looked at the time, realizing it was getting pretty late. "I'm gonna change and then go to bed." He picked up his pjs, walking into the bathroom and shutting the door behind him. Getting changed quickly, he turned the faucet on, rinsing his toothbrush before squeezing toothpaste onto it. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, he stepped back into the room, hand hovering over the light switch. "Can I shut off the lights?"
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Elton sat criss-crossed on his bed, watching Ryouta get ready for bed. "Ah yeah. I was gonna take a shower but I can use my phone flashlight to get to what I need." He grabbed his phone, "I mean.... I hope you don't mind me being up so late." He headed toward his dresser for a new pair of boxer briefs and some shorts. Elton headed to the bathroom. "I'll be quick and quiet. When I finish, I'll be in bed and asleep. Promise!"
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