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"Well actually..." Elton hesitated before answering. "Telling him one of my weaknesses? Isn't that dangerous?" He quickened his pace and then jumped in front of Ryouta, stopping him. "Listen," He leaned in a little, "I really, really, REALLY hate pizza and I'm allergic to sunflowers." Elton cringed thinking back to when he was much younger. He was running when he tripped and fell into his mother's sunflowers in the garden. He got really sick and dizzy. His skin turned red and blotchy. He scratched at his arm in reminisense. Elton stiffened. "Why don't I like pizza again?" He looked down at his feet. "Oh right. Bleghhh. Tomatoe sauce." He returned to Ryouta's side, pulling him forward by his arm, so that they'd start walking again. "What's with the interrogation anyway?"
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Ryouta covered his mouth quickly, holding back a giggle. Elton's hatred for pizza really surprised him. He's never seen anyone talk about pizza with such a disgusted face. Ryouta inhaled to calm himself down, letting his hand drop. He grinned as Elton pulled him along, letting him go when they were walking as they had been before. "Ahh well... Um..." Ryouta tilted his head. How could he explain he wanted to make food for Elton without sounding weird? "Well, we shouldn't always buy food from the cafeteria. What if we want to buy a new video game, an album, clothes, things like that? If you want to have money, you can't just keep buying meals everyday. I'm pretty good at cooking, so I thought I could make us stuff once in a while." Ryouta shrugged.
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"Well if I get a job, you won't have to worry about that." Elton smiled. He crossed his arms as they approached the school building. "I'll walk you to your classroom. I've got nowhere to be." He walked a little in front of Ryouta. "Wonder if I'm a bother. I've got nothing else to do though." He stood at the door in front of Ryouta's class. "Uh-Um... text me when your class is over, since we have next period together. I might be at the library... or something."
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"Ah, I was planning on applying for a job this week. Either way it's always good to save money once in a while." Soon they arrived to Ryouta's first class, stopping at the door. "Yeah, I'll text you." Ryouta stepped inside the classroom, leaving Elton behind. Mathematics was a rather boring class. The teacher welcomed the students, handed papers out, and basically discussed what they'd be doing for the next year. He also made everyone of them stand up and introduce themselves. Ryouta let out a sigh of relief as the bell rang. He slumped in his chair, pulling his phone out of his pocket. Brushing some bang behind his ear, he sent a text to Elton, telling him class was over. He stood up, worming his way between students and desks before stepping out.
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Elton stood for a moment, waiting until the halls were empty, after Ryouta walked into his class. "So quiet...Guess I'll head to the library." Elton walked across campus to a large building. He entered slowly and peeked at a few books. He got many strange looks from other students. He was used to the murmurs. It was because of the way he looked. He left quickly in annoyance. "I don't know what else to do. Just wait for him? Can't go back to the dorm. I'll lose track of time." He went back into the school building and found a vending machine that displayed strawberry juice boxes. Elton's eyes sparkled at the product. "I must have some!" Eventually the machine dispensed the juice and Elton stuck the straw into the box instantly, sipping with pleasure. "Ryouta's class" He checked the time on his phone. "There's that much time of class left?!" He sighed into nothing. Elton crouched down beside Ryouta's class door and casually sipped his juice, waiting for him. After a long while, the bell finally rang and Elton got a text from Ryouta. He saw Ryouta step out of class too. "Ah hey! Ryouta!" He smiled broadly and stood up with his juice. "I just happened to finish at the library early."
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"Hey." Ryouta sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I didn't really like that class. Hopefully the next one is better, since you're in it, too." They walked through the halls and back outside of the building, on their way to the next one. "How was the library? Was it big?" Ryouta asked. He read once in a while, so he kinda liked libraries. The atmosphere was always calm and quiet. Books would be everywhere, all filled with so many stories and so much information. Each one was a gateway to a different world. They entered another building, where their next class was. "I hope we're seated next to each other," Ryouta mumbles, entering the classroom.

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Lyen was pushed into going to school today, as he normally skips out. He is usually bullied when he does go, and the orphanage recently found out that he has been skipping, so they forced him to go. He grumbled to himself, as he set foot on the campus, and held his breath as the other kids stared at him. His heart began to race as he felt the others start to whisper. "He's back..!" "Look, it's the stone prick!" He cringed when he heard Stone Prick, as everyone called him that. He walked faster, as he was suddenly taken from behind, and his heart stopped. His captor looked down at him with a greedily scary face, as Lyen tried to squirm his way out of his captor's arms. "How about we see how well you react to public humiliations...? Or maybe we should put you where you belong!" His captor yelled, as the other kids agreed with his captor. The captor forcibly took him around the campus, and opened the door to the abandoned science lab, and shoved him in, closing and locking the door. All he could hear behind the door was laughter, as the kids talked to one another. "Serves him right!" "That's what he gets for coming back!" The voices got quieter and quieter, as he suddenly stopped hearing them. His heart began to race again, as he tried to open the door, but to no avail. The windows were locked tight, and since it was abandoned, who knows when someone will come next. Lyen began to tear up as he knew he was all alone and completely locked in, as he crouched besides the door, pulled his knees to his chest, and sobbed in his arms. "... someone please come soon..."

((Anyone is free to continue this. Quote me if you do.))
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