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Come introduce yourself to our community and tell us a bit about yourselves.

Name/Nickname: Either Ichinose, or another nickname is Sparky! :3

Favourite Anime/Manga: For me its either Rurouni Kenshin, Steins Gate & Shokugeki no Souma (Food Wars!) at the moment.

Current Anime Watching: Currently I'm watching Ace of the Diamond

Hobbies: I like to cook, as well as learn new facts.

Aspirations: For me I want to be a chef, I'm currently in University studying Hospitality Management too in order to gain knowledge for when I go to own my own business in the future.

Short Bio: I'm a little shy, but very open-minded, and am very passionate towards subjects that interest me, applying past experiences and knowledge, however am always looking to learn about new things.

If you would like to know more, please drop by my profile to see more! :)

As a Moderator here, I would like to openly welcome anyone who joins here at Sight, Sound and Soul Garden. ^.^

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Posted 1/5/16
Name/Nickname: as well as my profile name i also go by the name "original mc brink"

Favourite Anime/Manga: One piece (films and series)

Current Anime Watching: Beelzebub

Hobbies:writing lyrics, hanging out with close friends, watching anime, and occasionally have a social drink.

Aspirations: to have a career in media (anime/live action, and music)

Short Bio:I try to make people laugh as an ice breaker and to cermet existing friendships my humor can go toward the dark side from time to time but is meant to be in the context of humor not in malice if you want to know more check my profile.
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Posted 1/12/16
Nickname: Key

Favourite Anime/Manga: Death note, Claymore, Soul Eater. HOTD

Currently watching: Familiar of Zero.

Hobbies: Gaming, Gaming and Gaming. Chilling with my pals. RolePlay..

Music: Alot of things.. It depends on how appealing it is.

Check me out, don't be afraid to speak to me ;p

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Posted 2/25/16 , edited 2/27/16

Name/Nickname: Renn (previously XxRukaxX here on cr so some still call me Ruka, however I prefer Renn)

Favourite Anime/Manga: Gintama, One Piece, Psycho Pass, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, From te new world, Blood+, xxxHolic, Tsubasa chronicles, ... If I continue I'll be here all day o_o"
oh my fav manga is a manhwa (korean manga) called 'The Gamer' it's rly good and funny and I def recommend it.

Current Anime Watching: I am rewatching Blood+ to remind myself that non-gay-discoball vampires still exist.

Hobbies: typical otaku ones: gaming, watching anime/movies/series, reading fanfiction/manga, eating, sleeping, listening to music, learning new languages ...

Aspirations: I want to learn a lot of new languages and maybe at some point work as a translator.
Or maybe work with small children... I have a weakness for cute stuff (however you will never see me wear cute outfits XD. Unless I'm cosplaying )

Short Bio: I'm weird and my humor can be pretty stupid/dry/twisted/...
I make fun of everything including myself, but will/can be serious when I need to be.
I am chill for the most part, but will not be if you are a dramaqueen/liar/fake-ass/someone who hurts others for fun. If you are one of those don't come nag/cry if I don't acknowledge your existence for you are not worth any of my time and energy.
Ah also I'm from Belgium so english is not my native language so I apologise in advance for any spelling mistakes etc ^^.
Posted 3/28/16

Nice to meet you all - I guess is it about time I introduce myself

Name/Nickname: My name is Rebecca but call me Becky or Bex :)

Favourite Anime/Manga: Yona of the Dawn and Plastic Memories (made me cry at then end!! )

Current Anime Watching: I am watching Haikyu and Natsume Yujin-Cho (been a while since I have watched any )

Hobbies: I love to be creative, I knit, crochet and spin my own wool. I like going to the cinema to watch
superhero movies too!

Aspirations: Right now, I aspire to be happy in my life

Short Bio: This is always the part i find hard to say. I am shy at first, more of a thinker than a talker. It is a case of, if you talk to me I will talk to you, Once I get to know you the 'inner' me will come out and thats where the fun begins .
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