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Posted 1/5/16
What show do you think is going to be similar to Active Raid? I think it's going to be like The Asterisk War. And are you going to watch it? I'm going to watch the first episode, and I'll keep watching the rest if I like it.
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Posted 1/5/16 , edited 1/5/16
I'll probably watch it all the way through unless it is just god awful. But from the description it sounds like it'll be a little similar to Guilty Crown due the whole aspect of living in a society with some major problems. Or something Psycho Pass since it also deals with a government group that regulates the country.
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Posted 1/9/16 , edited 1/9/16
The show feel more like Patlabor meet Ironman. You have your mecha action, but there are no hot-blooded or angst lead that would do something dumb. I like how the police have to balances catching the prep, having the eyes of the public on them, and political games going around in the back and thinking of the aftermath.

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