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Posted 1/7/16
Has anyone ever bought something from the store and had it delivered to the UK?

If so did you have to go pay VAT costs or was it covered in the price?

I'm not against paying the VAT but I don't want another extortionate handling fee from a postal company again. Want to avoid another £20 bill because I have to go pay £7 VAT...

I've only been charged it from one site so not fully sure if some companies cover it in the postal costs before dispatch or something.

Thanks for any help.
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Posted 1/7/16 , edited 1/7/16
It is not an issue with a particular website, it applies to any item you import from outside the European Union. Basically if the item costs £15 or more at the exchange rate on the day of the Customs check you will be charged VAT plus a handling fee by the courier company. By law the courier company has to pass the packages through Customs and I have never heard of a courier company waiving the additional costs they incur.

Read this UK government webpage for more details:

I used to import VHS tapes and Region 1 DVDs all the time from and found it was cheaper to buy in bulk, pay the VAT and a single courier charge than to get items shipped individually to avoid the VAT threshold. That was back when the £ to $ exchange rate was a lot kinder though.
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