What Is/Are Your Favourite Soundtrack/s? (Any Media)
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Posted 1/7/16 , edited 1/7/16
So, as the title says. What is/are your favourite soundtrack/s?

No restriction on media so if you want to list multiple soundtracks from different forms of media (Eg. An anime soundtrack and a game soundtrack) then do so!

My personal favourite anime soundtrack is Baccano's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVxop3_sS2Q
Every track is consistently great and a joy to listen and relax to. Coincidently I also have a horrendously soft spot for Jazz-like music.

From gaming it is either Journey ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3hFN8UrBPw ) or
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ue-CxbFD74E&list=PL9TtG4ps4dAZMQNhvMLC5fGo22O8YUyQi ).
Both are great depending on my mood. If I want a really absorbing experience and just want to lose myself in the music then Journey is my 'go-to'.
Tekken is for pretty much anything and everything else, mostly down to the variety and sheer number of tracks on offer (83!), even if they all mostly follow the same techno/electronic style. Want productive music while I work? Tekken. Want to chill to something that has more of a 'beat'? Tekken. Want music to get me pumped up/excited while I'm gaming? Tekken.

And finally from the world of cinema it's the soundtrack to Dredd (The good one): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWfVfwz7rTM&list=PL8BoJZoO5JxKpA9kWFugZb_HUxVDBeBzM
My favourite comic hero finally got the kick-ass film he deserved, only to also get an equally kick-ass soundtrack to go with it. Dredd's soundtrack is the only film soundtrack I can actually listen to the entirety of outside of the film itself, which is the only reason it even gets a mention.

As an addition I'm also curious to know. How do you define your favourite soundtracks from film/games/anime?

For me it's always a case of 'Could I listen to this if I had no idea what this music was for?' or better put: 'Can I listen to this on it's own and still enjoy it?' If I can say yes then it goes on my 'good soundtracks' pile, then personal preference takes over to determine favourites.
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Posted 1/7/16
SSX3 soundtrack.
Literally my childhood: musically reincarnated.
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Posted 1/8/16
FLCL soundtrack is just awesome with the Pillows!

Some others are:
Any by Yoko Kano ( So Cowboy Bebop, Terror in Ressonance, Wolf rain, ect.)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Both of them)
Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
Treasure Planet
One Punch Mod
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Posted 12/30/17
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