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Post Reply How do you feel about self Mutilation
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Posted 1/12/16

Hrafna wrote:

Rujikin wrote:

Hrafna wrote:

Individuality was around long before Christianity came along telling everyone not to be who they are.

Do you read what you post?

Are you a protozoa?

Yes.... Yes I am. How's life treating you many cells?
Posted 1/12/16 , edited 1/12/16
I was to add fantasy type things to myself like wings or non-human eye colours
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20 / M / Bundaberg, Queens...
Posted 1/12/16

hemicuda2 wrote:

Ryulightorb wrote:

KarenAraragi wrote:

So how many years do I have to wait then?

rough estimate 50?

Lol you think its gonna take 50 years?!?! 15-20 years and in 50 years our brains will be computers allowing us to live inside computers in anime worlds and what not.

well that goes without saying but the majority of people hear 15-20 and go PREPOSTEROUS
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