DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything
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Posted 1/8/16 , edited 1/9/16
What if you can restart your life with a different setting just like a game? DONG TAE always get bullied by his classmates, but TAE BIN, sits right next to him, is handsome and popular at school; and now, TAE BIN suggests DONG TAE to play a little game.

Mio, one of two potential "best girls" has the clairvoyance ability, which lets her see other dicer's stats, and mental condition. She just asked Dong Tae if she could stay the night ..... the screen shots are from her point of view as she watches his reaction.

The series is mostly supernatural action/drama, with a little bit of comedy, but we are finally starting to see a some romance development. Today's issue had laughing out out. Poor Dong Tae stands absolutely no chance against Mio as long as she has clairvoyance
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