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Posted 1/13/17 , edited 1/13/17

Midnightspell wrote:

Ichiro watched as the new kid panicked and looked around him for who spoke, Tori eyes fell on Haru, he looked behind himself to make sure it was indeed himself who was being spoken to. Tori blushed with embarrassment, he nodded and walked over to Haru and Ichiro. " yeah I'm lost ... I have no clue where I'm going " Tori said with an awkward laugh.

"It's not a problem. I'm glad to be of help if I possibly can." Haru smiled to reassure him there was nothing to be embarrassed about and gently patted the young boy's head. He then realized he had not properly introduced himself. "Oh, my bad!" He quickly retracted his hand and placed int out to Tori. "I must have forgot my manners! My name is Haru Miyamoto. It's a pleasure to meet you! And the fellow next to me is Ichiro Aoi. He may seem scary, but he doesn't bite, I promise!"
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