Lets Talk About Lost
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Posted 1/9/16
I have not met enough people who are Lost fans! So I never really get to talk about Lost! So tell me.
> who's your fav character? And where they your fav character when you first started watching the show?
>Who were your fav couple?
>How often did you cry while watching the show?
>Can you or can you not tell John Locke what he can do?
>How'd you feel about the ending?

I have too many fave characters to count but i can say my top three are Sawyer, Syed, and (Jin&Sun) we'll pretend they're one person.
I actually hated Sawyer in the beginning but my feelings for him changed drastically throughout the show.
I cried a lot during the show. Pretty much every time someone died and especially during the end... which I hated.
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Posted 1/9/16 , edited 1/12/16
oh that's the show that decided to capitalize on MH370 right? Man I hate shows like htat. I mean it was a bad tragedy, why make a tv show about it so soon?

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Posted 1/12/16 , edited 1/12/16
Favorite characters from beginning were Hugo, Jin, Sun, Kate, and Jack. However, as I got further into the show.. I also really began liking Sawyer once he got more sarcastic, Sayid, , and Ben!!!

Favorite couple would have to be Jin and Sun, of course.

I think I only teared up when things would go really wrong for Jin and Sun because at that time my relationship was rocky and their communication issues reminded me a lot of my current issues.

I could of course say whatever I wanted to John, but no one ever listens to me already, so I wouldn't expect him to be any different. Although, I'm starting to think no one listens to me because, like John who is incredibly stubborn and independent, those are the types of people I find myself surrounded by.

The ending was a bit disappointing since I felt it was plain but that's what I get for having high expectations.
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Posted 1/12/16
Charlie and Hurley were my favorites right from the get go, though Locke, Desmond and Ben began to grow on me.

My favorite couple were Desmond and Penny. Her love kept him going!

I only teared up whenever favorite characters died, and after the submarine explosion. That was just heartbreaking.

"Don't tell me what I can't do!" -- John Locke

I felt the ending was decent, although maybe that's because I didn't watch the series until years after it ended, and I already had the ending spoiled for me. Honestly though, the ending was so built up, it would've been near impossible to make a more satisfying ending.
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Posted 1/26/16
season 1 - amazin
the rest - lolz
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Posted 12/30/17
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