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Posted 1/15/16 , edited 1/16/16
    2 weeks before the festival the newly formed coalition members came in contact with a halfling, a race of small people, known to be half the size of humans in the west. However the halfling collapsed from fatigue a few minutes after bumping into them leaving only the word "help". Unable to leave her the members ended up nursing her back to health. After a week the halfing regained conscious.
  • Exilian Coalition members only
  • Obtain supplies for many exilian villages in need
  • Do what you want. Maybe get closer to each other and bond.
  • Help the Halfings

  • Birch Province
  • A province named after the vast numbers of birch trees within the area. There is really nothing special about the province other than it's birch trees, where it's leaves are used to make many medicines.
  • Birch Woods
  • Birch Village
  • Cabin in the woods
  • 200 EL
  • Gain the New Year's Blessing
  • Halfling race get
  • Learn one trade skill (fishing/cooking/sewing/etc)

  • Sovereign
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    Posted 1/18/16 , edited 1/18/16
    Out in the West many province's and town's have begun with their own preparations for the festival. It was a common sight to see many travelers within the village, as, although the festival held in Birch Province is not comparable to the one in the City of Asra, it is quite prominent within the region.

    But that is not all Birch is prominent for, as the province is defined by many birch trees in which it's leaves are used to make many medicines, as well as tea among the wealthy. 2 weeks prior to the festival, a certain group was in a carriage, headed towards the village.

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    M / Rearranging reality
    Posted 1/23/16 , edited 1/24/16


    A portal appeared, purple covered in black. From it casts the shadow of a tall figure that stepped through the portal. As the stepped through the portal, armor materialized on him, covering his features as an undead. The living hate the undead and vice versa, so he knows at any given chance the living will try to kill him. So he places on a warrior's armor that covers his entire body. With the final materialization complete, his war hammer, strapped to his back, the portal disappeared, like it was never there. He appeared next to a dirt rode, often used by travelers to go from place to place. He looked around, until he heard the sound of a carriage coming towards him.

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    19 / F
    Posted 1/26/16 , edited 1/27/16

    The Exilian Coalition Co-Leader
    Athena leaned back and sharpened an arrow while the carriage took its course. Her pale skin showed great contrast to her black hair and red garments. There was silence, as she looked out from the carriage to see- "Oh look, Konahrik's already here. Go portals.." She said under her breath, an amused smirk drew from her lips.
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