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Posted 1/10/16 , edited 1/10/16
I just tried reading a manga and noticed that when I'm on fullscreen, the manga will be top-aligned instead of centered. The cover page is still centered, but any subsequent page will be top-aligned.

I see a + and a - buttons, but their behavior is weird and inconsistent.
When not in fullscreen, you can zoom in by clicking on the + button, and zoom out with the - button, which makes sense. It'd be nice if the reader resized too, so I don't need to scroll around.
When in fullscreen, however, the + button moves the manga upwards, and the - button moves it downwards. The thing is: the + button works when the manga is at the top, so clicking on it makes the manga vanish upwards. The - button, meanwhile, only works when the manga is above the top. Essentially, I can make the manga disappear using the + button, and reappear using the - button, but I can't get the manga to display any lower than the top.

Personally, I'd rather have the manga centered or bottom-aligned, but not top-aligned. I could easily fix this myself by not reading in fullscreen, and instead manipulating the CSS to push the manga reader down, but this has 2 major disadvantages:
1. I'd either need to manipulate the CSS every time I want to read manga, or prepare a custom CSS file specifically for Crunchyroll. That's not really something the user should do, when the devs can fix it themselves, no?
2. The reader is a bit small for my tastes. Some of the smaller bubbles are difficult to read. And like I said before, zooming doesn't resize the reader, and scrolling around is annoying.

Since the manga reader is Flash based, there's a limit to what I can do to fix it. I still haven't managed to make it bigger, and I'm already sick and tired of editing CSS files at work, so when I'm at home, I'd rather enjoy my manga than spend hours trying to fix the CSS of yet another site.

In the meantime, does anyone have a workaround? How do I get the manga reader to display my manga at the center or bottom of the screen in fullscreen? Alternatively, how can I make the reader larger?
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