Love, Friendship and the Absolute End of Everything
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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/11/16
'Aaand Now I'm A box'
A Tale Of Love, Friendship and the Absolute End of Everything

'Aaand Now I'm A Box' is a heavily story driven game with some platforming elements.


The end of everything has begun. It started with everything being reduced to simple shapes and in the next 80 days the universe and time itself will end for good. There is no clever trick and no way out.
The only thing that will save these five friends, is dying with a smile.

Size: 176 MB


Still not interested?
The following is a larger synopsis of what's happening within the plot. However it spoils some things in the demo, you have been warned.


The point of this post is to check how interesting the story is in its current state and see if a full game is worth pursuing.
As a result, some elements weren't added that would obviously be added in the full game.
Most notably there is no options menu. This means there's no way to edit sound levels or exit the game without using alt F4.
Also please note that there's an automatic save function every time the screen fades to black, so if you want, you can exit and come back to the demo at any time.

Please feel free to give your absolute honest opinion, no matter what it is.
I'm actually a friend of the creator. He was too nervous to read the comments himself so he asked me to manage the thread.
If it so happens that this game is absolutely terrible, then i'm here to break that to him gently. So please don't hold back.
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