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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/11/16
Only one per categories :: Mother, Father, Onee san, Imouto, Nii san, Otōto
Don't have to fill all categories only as many as you like.
(Optional - explain why you choses them)

Akiko Minase - (Mother)

Kurumi Tokisaki - (Onee san)

Ayase Aragaki - (Imouto)
Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/11/16
Oka-sama - Yuno Gasai

Oto-sama - Might Gai

Onee-chan - Anna Nishikinomiya

Aniki - Son Goku

Imouto - Nana

Me - The tormented child
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18 / M / The Assassination...
Posted 1/12/16 , edited 1/14/16
Mother - Android 18 (Because I always loved #18 but would prefer as a sister)

Father - Vegeta or Goku (Cause their the greatest, but cant tell who I'd prefer, so either one of em)
(Ssj5 Vegeta)

(Ssj5 Goku)

Imouto - Shiro (Cause she's the smartest and cutest and honestly better than any other girl to suit the Imouto role better than Shiro)

Onee-samas - Konan & Shizune (Cause I like em both ^3^)

Me (Some Saiyan I just made)
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17 / M / Uchiha Village
Posted 1/12/16 , edited 1/12/16
Mother - Erza Scarlet

Father - Sasuke Uchiha

Imouto - Umaru
Posted 1/13/16 , edited 1/13/16
Father- Akito/Agito/Lind


Nii-san-Matsuno sextuplets
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