Post Reply Error in Aizawa-san Multiplies chapter 8
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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/11/16
I'm not sure where to report this, since there's no "report" link on the manga reader, but I noticed there's an error in "Aizawa-san Multiplies" chapter 8. Specifically, page 6 is a duplicate of page 9.

Reading page 6, then page 7, I was very confused about the order of events. Also, page 6 messes up with the 2-page spread layout. Normally, there's a white margin in between 2 pages, but because of page 6, the margin is now on the outside instead of the center.

I just thought I'd point it out.

After finishing the chapter I noticed that it ends with a 2-page cover and back cover. Simply removing the extra page 6 would break those apart in the 2-page layout, which would be sad. Just something to keep in mind, before removing the duplicate page.

PS: How do you edit posts in here? Every time I click on the Edit Permalink, nothing happens... I've tried with Firefox and Edge, so it's likely not a browser-specific bug.

EDIT: It seems I can edit posts after all, just not the thread starting one. This forum sure is weird...

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Posted 1/11/16
You should be able to edit all of your posts, Edit and Permalink are two different things so make sure you are only clicking on Edit. If all else fails you can just go directly to the edit page by going to editforumpost?id= and adding your post id that you can find at the end of the permalink, for instance to edit that first post the link would be editforumpost?id=52800897. Then again, I have been a mod for so long that it is hard to remember if there is a time limit for editing posts or something.

As for reporting manga errors, you can report them through support here: /contact
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Posted 1/12/16
I see. There was no margin between Edit and Permalink, so I assumed they were the same element.

Also, thanks for the link.
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