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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/11/16
After I watch an episode I will almost always read the comments to see what people have to say even the ones that say "show spoiler comment" I click on those because i assume they are spoilers for this episode, but more then often they are spoilers for the manga. I think there should a an option to put "manga spoiler" or another tag so I know its not just for this episode.
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Posted 1/24/17 , edited 1/25/17
I very much agree. I've wanted some additional spoiler tags for a long time. They wouldn't be necessary if people could just culturally agree not to read the comments for an episode until they've watched that episode and then only use spoiler tags for things that would still be spoilers. But that's not a fight I expect to win, even though I don't understand why people do it in that order.

I'd actually want to include at least three different spoiler tags.

1. Same episode spoilers.
2. Same series spoilers. (From future episodes or other media such as manga/light novels.)
3. Other series spoilers. When people say things like: this reminds of [other series X] when [major spoiler] happens.

It'd also be nice if in addition to upvote/downvote/report we got a "mark as spoiler" type option that could automatically spoiler tag a comment where the poster didn't include one. Wouldn't save everyone, but it would at least reduce the number of people affected.
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Posted 2/2/17 , edited 2/2/17
Fuuka: the thread.
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