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Call out culture.
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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/12/16

stars201 wrote:

To be honest, I hate everyone who participates on CR forums

I hate me too.
Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/12/16

KnightOfZero1991 wrote:

lunarxx wrote:

^Let's not forget about Call Out Culture when its conveniently omitted when its someone we don't like.

Sounds like OP is butthurt. I guess this is one of those times to take your own advice people and get over it...

Some of us know how to move on, I have nothing further to say than to suggest you move on.

It doesn't matter how notorious or unpopular I am , I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon, even if I'm banned.

I have no more contributions, this matter is resolved, be thankful we both weren't banned, I have nothing further to say.

Ironic, isn't it? This thread is itself hypocritical of your other post. Just chill out.

To the parties involved, we're all fools here. Hes a hypocrite and a liar that railed against whining and bitching bitching but does it now, and wants everyone now to feel sorry for him. I'm a hypocrite for calling him out on a thread about threads calling other people out. We're all fools here if you ask me. I think jamesalot said it best though, it doresnt belong in GD, but in suggestions/feedback. there is alread another topic on censorship no one gives a d*** to note. Anyway, its been a long day, had to take my mother back to the doctor, I'm really tired. Goodnight, sir.
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Posted 1/11/16 , edited 1/12/16
And here we end your personal attack streak.
At least, for now.

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