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Fighting Stories
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33 / M
Posted 7/7/07
thats badass hahah
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27 / F / Philippines
Posted 7/21/07
To killar:
She deserves that...if im on ur shoes i will definitely punch her in the face LOL
No one has the ryt to say im ugly but only me, myslf and I.
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24 / F / What? Your mom di...
Posted 8/6/07
There was this one time i broke this guys nose. he was standing behind me and he grabbed my butt. and it all went from there...

by the time i was done, he had two black eyes and a broken nose of course
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24 / M / 地球
Posted 8/6/07
Damn....I have too many to tell, well....I'll start with this: I remember once, my cousin had some beef with some dude, and they were planning on fighting at a designated place. Of course me, my brother and our crew came, because you never can go to a fight like that alone. As we thought, the guy brought at least 10 other guys, and it turned into a huge brawl...I ended up fighting this guy who's ass I already wanted to kick, he tried to get me in a headlock and I countered it and threw him into the nearby ditch. (Judo really payed off there. xD). Of course we ended up winning. Luckily none of them tried to pull out a gun.
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23 / F / the square
Posted 8/6/07
i would have fights with guys but not like brawls or anything just play punches and stuff
but i remember this one guy who was being a total ass to my friend and i told him to shutup, yeah shutup, and he got all pissed and he started to punch me so my reaction was to hit him back really hard in the stomach and he hit me in the nose
and i got a bloody nose after that but he left my friend alone
not the biggest fight ever but one of them anyway
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77 / M / Truth or Conseque...
Posted 8/6/07
There was football guy who would bullied lot of nerds in high school. One day, I had talk to vice principal about his behavior and somehow, he got whiff of that so he wasn't happy about it. During lunch time, he tried to attack me so I took him down to the ground and applied rear naked choke on him to have him pass out. Good news is that he got expelled so everyone can breathe easily.
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20 / M / Sea of Nostalgia
Posted 2/9/12
Troll bump
Posted 2/10/12
Its gonna take ages to write out all my experiences but meh here's 2 of my TKD exp:

1. Landing a Tornado kick on an opponent in the first round and she was KO'd so I took the match. The first thing I did was make sure she was ok and try to wake her up and she did wake up after a minute but she just laughed and patted my back and said "I'm done" lol and I was like "noooo!" I so wanted her to keep going since I'd seen her fighting before and was like "woah" o_O she musta been tired or something when she got to me.

2. A full-on aggressive fight with this absolute disrespectful douche, he didn't care that he was making mince meat out of me for most of the match and celebrated like an ass whenever he landed a kick or punch. But I won it in overtime lol! He deliberately aimed at my mouth which isn't protected by the head gear and cut the side. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it a-hole.
Posted 7/17/12
I've never lost a fight
Most of my fights were with people that were older than me too.

My most memorable fight was when one of my classmates that I was 'friends' with got a little too troublesome and aggressive with me. You could say he was one of those people who are good first then try to make an impression that they are the badasses. There was this craze of 'Happy Slapping' around my year, he thought it would be fun to give me some happy slaps and I would return some too. After a while it got a little bit obnoxious so I told him to stop nether less he carried on thinking that it was still a joke, slapping me and other people. He returned to me to give me another one of his happy slaps, instead I pushed him away with force.

Obvious on his face he was annoyed with what I did, he then came around and gave me a kick but it was so pathetic. I stopped and grabbed his leg in mid air and tossed him to the floor and he just stood back up. Embarrassed and acted like nothing happened he thought he could come at me again and be successful, he tried to kick me again. I just did the exact same thing and he fell on his knees, he then started to run. I got angry because he was running away like a sissy so I chased him, turned him around with my arm on his shoulder and gave him a punch to the face with the momentum of him turning around. He just started crying on the floor afterwards.

The friends that were with me at the time just friggin ran away and left me to deal with it by myself. Some people saw what I did and started to crowd around with teachers running at the scene. I didn't get into trouble though.
The after a I decided to apologize and become friends with him again and he accepted, but he transferred a 2-3 months later because the story of what I did was still in the air. I'm serious but it went on for 5 years until I graduated.

P.S Sorry for the in depth. Got a little pumped, I feel like having a fight now.
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