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Post Reply Could you make the school life anime any better?
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Posted 1/12/16
I'm pretty sure I've seen teenagers misbehave in live-action Japanese films. Or maybe it was just Babel with Rinko Kikuchi.

There's actually a pretty serious demand for meth in Japan nowadays. If people were "allowed to talk about it", it might find its way into anime, if nothing else the dark and gritty kind.
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Posted 1/13/16

stars201 wrote:

Are you saying is that's what you want to see in anime? There are already tons of movies from Hollywood that depict that kind of school life.

If anime turns school life like you described, I wouldn't like it. It's not Japanese to me. Japanese people have a different culture than in the West, so that's what I expect to see depicted in their anime.
I'm glad they continue to keep it like that too because that's what makes so school life interesting in Japan.
Doesn't it make you want to go to school in Japan?? I would love to be a high school student in Japan!!!!!!!

I doubt slice of life anime are actually slices of life of the average Japanese student. Most seem to water down the actual experience of studying all the time. I've seen many slice of life anime which have characters that are so zany they would never fit in anywhere, but an asylum. I'm not asking for a movie where kids do drugs and have sex for twenty-four episodes, but I am asking for variety and interesting topics. I would definitely like less extraneous anime only additions such as fan service, moe, slapstick comedy, etc. and in its place more emphasis on actual people doing actual school appropriate tasks.

I for one would like there to be more real life influence. What do Japanese teenagers want? How hard do they study? How do they study? What are social events like between students? How are clubs actually run in real life Japanese schools?

It does not even have to be about high school students; the life of an office worker and the conditions of his/her life would be interesting. What is the standard of living? How do Japanese people enjoy life? What is desired; a car, a family, a house, etc.?

These could all be done. I don't think for a minute though that Japanese life is all sunshine and rainbows.

If a dark slice of life anime wanted to be done (I know it's an unheard of concept) it could be based on minorities in Japan. There is quite a bit of xenophobia as in all nations nowadays and I would be fascinated in how Japan treats its poorest and undesirables. It would be a deconstruction of the slice of life genre, showing a darker side to humanity without being edgy.

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Posted 1/13/16 , edited 1/13/16
If you take out the whole supernatural survival game, Mirai Nikki was actually a pretty good romance story with substantial development between the characters.
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