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Crazy religious people.
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Posted 1/14/16 , edited 1/14/16
absolutely haram
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lukedollo wrote:
at any rate, the grammar is the most appalling thing here. I have heard this exact argument from Christians. this link is about a guy who suggest athiest drink their dads ...
Because we would do that seeing as it is not immoral.
Totally is not unappealing for any other reason.
Well there is much bad, but its mostly in the way they do it (like if I never knew about things at school etc, I would have joined him in the way he put the rest of this BS, even though he was able to put some hinder in somethings but still dismiss what he contradicts)
Islam and the Big Bong Theory

So what I don't like is that many could fall under these guys world view like how THOSE groupes where made and doing terror and still people join them.

Saemonza wrote:
absolutely harem
Yeah totally they love harems!
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Posted 1/14/16

hicksvilledave wrote:
do Muslims thinks atheists are infidels? Atheists don't believe in anything, so can Muslims convert them into believing in god. Or will they get killed like the rest or us one day. Make you think don't it.

There are messages of benevolence and kindness in Islam like most religions. However, it has the potential to be among the most intolerant.

With some Islamic factions, if you don't believe what they do you are looked at as a threat and a problem because you don't follow their ways and others may come to believe as you do(atheists included). They believe that the only proper measure to deal with said "infidels" is subjugation or extermination.

Not all of Islam is like this. There are plenty of love thy neighbor worshipers that have chosen the better parts. The problem is distinguishing among the many factions and immigrants coming from troubled areas. These areas are troubled many times because of Islam and it's exploiters.
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Posted 11/23/17
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