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Posted 1/21/16

AX-9 wrote:

retrometroid wrote:

Also Other M was hated for entirely different reasons. Namely the wussification of Samus, terrible writing all around, and the fact that it literally has no proper continuity to any other Metroid.

A good deal of that happened due to miss-translations.

When I google "Metroid Other M mistranslations" I only see one actual result that doesn't actually provide any examples, just 2chan posts complaining about the game.
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Posted 1/21/16

ChuChuLain wrote:

Bitching and whining is the nature of internet forums.

Or you could just say that those who enjoy the games (or whatever form of entertainment) are to busy playing them whereas those who don't seem to have nothing better to do than just post on forums how much they hate the said games. For example, in one game forum I was active, there was this person who tried the beta, didn't like it, and then continued to post daily multiple times (and not just a few lines, we're talking walls of rant) for close to 9 months.

It's not just Nintendo, it's pretty much every gaming franchise.

Such is life...

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Posted 1/24/16

A good deal of that happened due to miss-translations.

Oh my goodness this is very possible because I own and have seen a number of Japanese games and probably anime ( im alittle groggy atm) where the script is completely redone from Japanese to english like Final Fantasy 13, theres alot different from the Japanese and English voice acting and what they say (And Vanille is actually charming in Japanese) and SOMETIMES THE ENGLISH SCRIPT SAYS STUFF WHEN THE JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS ARE SILENT.
Posted 1/29/16
Because people can never be satisfied with Nintendo.

Makes me think of those people who say they don't like Nintendo because it's just "the same EXACT game being made again and again"
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Posted 2/3/16
Nintendo has two main problems that have led to where it is now.

1. Nintendo doesn't take its fanbase seriously and completely undermines the feedback they get from the fans. Let's take Paper Mario for example. Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door was appreciated for its creativity, uniqueness, and overall quality of gameplay, but when Nintendo observed the feedback from the fans, they decided that it was simply the paper gimmick that made the game popular. Later down the road when fans weren't happy with them changing up the RPG elements, Nintendo likely thought their fans were just fickle when the fault lied with them alone for being ignorant.

2. There will always be a majority of the fanbase that will senselessly applaud a game simply for being Mario, Zelda, Sonic, whatever. They trash anyone who isn't happy with the game and give the company bad feedback as a result. This accounts for a large percentage of any fanbase of anything, and seems to encompass 95% of the Sonic fanbase (which sickens me, being that I grew up with Sonic).

There are a lot of problems with Nintendo right now, but I feel that the root of all of it lies mainly in these two issues.
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