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- 20XX -
It is year 20XX, 35 years ago, scientists have discovered the existence of ESPERS and of their abnormal abilities.

20 years ago, the group named World Ender started recruiting these espers and non-espers to jin their forces to end the world.

5 years ago, they started their attack and WWIV was initiated with espers fighting on the front lines for the government or for their freedom, with World Ender.

Two weeks ago, the war ended. You are a survivor.
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Humans with supernatural abilities that defy the laws of science. Every human has a 1/14th chance of being born with an esper ability, 90% of which do not develop and remain as a regular function in the human brain. 10% of the chances, the power develops and the user gains an ability.

Abilities are categorized into 4 groups; elemental, psychic, enhancement and special.

It is not confirmed, but the source of power for the ability is willpower.
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An organization who succeeded in ending the world due to their esper forces. Currently, the members are scattered around the world in search of eliminating any threat.

Their real goal succeeded, the rest is up to the members to find their own paths under a single order; kill or be killed.

World Ender does not only compose of espers, but of regular humans as well. Those who were classified unskilled or with an unsuccessful future were left in their misery where W.E. took them under their roof and trained and modified them to turn into superhumans.

A W.E. member is called an Ender.
An Ender can be: a scientist that works for W.E., an esper, a soldier, etc.
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Those who survived the war, the normal people, are classified as survivors. Their goal is simply to survive, repopulate the planet that was once ended. Their enemies are World Ender, however, some Enders have changed sides and have decided to side with the Survivors.

Under this category, there are: ex-Enders, undeveloped ability-users, W.E.-prisoners, etc.
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The organization separates their members in teams after receiving their training. At this point, every Ender has received their Ender training depending on their sector.

There are 4 Sectors: Front line, Intelligence, Medic and Miscellaneous.
Front lines are the combat group of the organization. They specialize in close, mid-range and range combat and survivor skills.
Intelligence takes care of the information of the organization as well as control the information circulating around the world.
Medic is self explanatory, they specialise in healing and keeping people alive and well, physically and mentally.
Miscellaneous is a varied sector. Members are jacks of all trades and are sent to different locations for different reasons.
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Area in the world?: Japan, around the Yamanote Line.

Average how old?: 15-25 is gud.

Weapons?: Sure. Where'd you get 'em? (Stealing from W.E. soldiers is possible once defeated)

RP genre?: post-apocalyptic ?
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