Plight and Flight
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List of characters for a story im making

Lucas Finch (Main)

Ryker Finch (Father of Main)

Lily Finch (Mother of main, deceased)

Rosalie Telios aka Rose (Main supporting character)

Linda Bellecot (Also support)

Bartholomew Telios (Father of Rose)

William Ellynbridge (Support)

Domino (Pet Gale Hare)
Larren (Lucas' hometown)
Oren Plains (Leading to Telios Capital from Larren
Telios Capital (Rose's hometown)
Frellin Harbor, Port city closest to Telios
Ruya Desert
Zestim Castle (destination only found by going through Ruya Desert
Malimata Forest (separates two towns that i havent thought of the name for yet)
Klein Island (Island a few miles out from Frellin Harbor)

This is a tale of magic and the quest of a 16 year old boy named Lucas Finch. Come and listen as I weave this tale of a world full of wonder and danger.
It was about 300 years ago that our fair world, Cratia, resembled that of a post apocalypse scene. The sky was colored a​
crimson red, with the comforting light of the sun nowhere to be found. It had been blocked out by the disastrous magic of the tyrannic demon, Malvol. He ravaged entire cities to complete destruction within hours. Many felt his power was enough to match that of a god. Knowing only terror, many people took refuge wherever they could, creating nomadic communities. All they could hope was that they wouldn't become the victims of Malvol's assaults.
However, when people had lost all hope, two people rose to become Cratia's saviors. One, a woman with long blonde hair that, even without the sun, shimmered as it swayed back and forth. She held a blade as her sole weapon. The other, a man with dark brown hair. He donned a robe that made him appear to be a priest. He held no weapons; simply a tome thick enough to match his arms width. Before fighting Malvol, they were nameless characters whose existences were not known to the world.
The duo confronted Malvol in a barren field that no longer grew crops. They battled with few witnesses to behold. They​
fought with all their might. They appeared to match Malvol in combat strength as the exchanged blows for two full days. With no end in sight to be seen in this clash, the man flipped to the final page in his tome. As a bright light shown from the page, what appeared to be a tear in space came into sight. Both the man and Malvol disappeared into that void, without even a trace of either left behind. The woman, left alone, was shocked by he entire display that had happened before her.
She left that battle site alone. She went to the largest city left standing as a hero. A parade was thrown in her name,​
and parties were held around the world. The large city she had been celebrated in was given to her as the ruler of a new kingdom. However, despite the world's happiness, the woman never showed a smile on her face. She, instead, spent many years looking for the man that had disappeared. The man, whom was the father of their only child, and the hero that was never recognized. She never found him, even after 30 years of seeking for him.
After the death of the woman, at the age of 87, her name was still not forgotten. Her name was Rin Telios, the first​
ruler of the Telios kingdom. "The kingdom that our little town of Larren is a part of. To this day, no one really knows the mystery of where the man went, but this non-fiction tale is a very important thing that we should all be listening to. Right, Lucas? Lucas, WAKE UP! Class is neither the time nor the place to be sleeping!"

Upon being yelled at, Lucas awoke to find himself in a small classroom. It was a square room with two columns of long, wood, desks made up of three rows. Each desk held 3 students with not much space in between them. Everything was placed on a wood floor with no pattern. Two small windows allowed light to flood the room. Outside, not much could be seen but a few trees among a grassy plain. Lucas groaned as he picked up his head before replying to the teacher's previous exclaimed statement. "Yeah, yeah, I know Trisha." The teacher who appeared to be in her mid-twenties responded to his less-than-thoughtful remark. "It's not "yeah" and "Trisha", it's "Yes, Ms. Bennett. Are we clear?" Lucas lowered his head into his hand before saying "Okay, Teach." Ms. Bennett once rolled her eyes and ignored his obviously teasing statement, continuing the class as if nothing had happened. "Despite never finding any traces of the man, archaeologists have recently found some objects that may have belonged to him. This includes some of the pages that may have been in his book. Unfortunately, the pages are too worn and faded to read, so there is no conclusive evidence on their authenticity." Lucas, uninterested in the lesson, found himself staring out the window, almost as if expecting something to happen outside the walls. He was lulled back into reality, once again, by the annoyed tone of Ms. Bennett. "Lucas! Are you paying attention to any of this? This will be on the test, just so you know." Lucas just nodded his head then yawned while stretching his arms before answering Bennett's question. "Yeah, of course Tr- Ms.Bennett." Lucas stopped himself from saying Bennett's first name upon noticing her glare. "This concludes our class for today, don't forget to do your homework. Tomorrow, we'll be going over tombs of rulers among the Ruya desert." The class didn't respond to her last statement as they were too busy trying to get out of the classroom. "Lucas." Bennett quickly added as Lucas was about to head out the door. Lucas stopped in his tracks and froze his entire body as if being hit by cold water. "Do you want to talk about it?" Bennett asked. "Nothing to talk about." Lucas curtly replied. Bennett, with a concerned look on her face, yelled out to Lucas as he continued to walk out the door. "Don't forget, dinner is at my house, tonight." Lucas didn't respond. I'm making your favorite; grade-A zephyr cow steak. It was silent for a few second before Lucas finally spoke from outside the room. "Yeah, I'll be there." Bennett's face drew a smile, but still held the concerned eyes she wore before. She turned to a pile of paperwork on her desk and started working on them.
Lucas found himself at the entrance of the small school before hearing familiar voice call out to him. "Hey, Lucas!" Lucas turned around to see it was his best friend, Linda Bellecot. "Lin!" Lucas exclaimed as he returned the greeting. His face held an excited expression dissimilar to the one he had in the classroom.Linda Bellecot had transferred to Lucas' school about 5 years ago, and has been Lucas' friend about the same length of time. She was slightly on the short side, and had brown hair that went down to her shoulders. She was known for her good work ethic, amazing skill with a bow staff, and being a prodigal alchemist. Although, her weakness was social interactions with people unfamiliar to her. She was definitely the shy type.
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