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20 / M / North Carolina
Posted 3/3/16
I'm gold 5, support main, have been for the past couple seasons now. I keep telling myself that I'll advance, but, I never do, ah-hah! My summoner is Legalize Catnip, if anyone wants to add me!
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19 / F
Posted 3/4/16
Basically wood 5 now lmAO I haven't played in forever, but I used to main mid & adc
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27 / M / Houma
Posted 3/4/16
I started playing back in May and placed Silver IV after my first month. I haven't really played ranked much since then as I'm still developing a confident champion pool to work with.

Currently I'm comfortable with:

Trundle (Top/Support/Jg)
Skarner (Jg)
WuKong (Jg)
Sona (Support/ADC)
Zac (Jg)
Evelyn (Jg)
Garen (Top)
Nasus (Top)
Twitch (ADC)

I've been studying and practicing tactics/strategy while learning champions one at a time so I don't have to constantly learn mechanics. I rarely lose lane in my main role so I've been trying to handle shot-calling duties to make sure the team doesn't collapse around me.

My biggest weakness I'd say is that I commit to someone else's call too often even when I think it would be a risky play. I should probably assert myself more in those situations and throw out some caution pings instead of risking the throw. On the flip side I've won more games recently where our team never held a gold advantage by controlling the waves and out-rotating the enemy for objectives.

I may start the grind soon to see where I'm at.
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26 / M
Posted 3/7/16 , edited 3/7/16

Reneker54 wrote:

post your ranks for fun!!! and bragging rights!!
i booped my name for privacy reasons!


League of legend community is so incredibly toxic.

Idk what it is but they call you everything from n00b to hacker to ******

I gave up LOL a few months ago, because you either play that game 24/7 or not at all. Playing for fun is really hard with that game.
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18 / M
Posted 8/14/16
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19 / M
Posted 8/22/16
silver 4. elo hell.
somebody add me and play some norms and skype with me or something. im terribly lonely.(lacking a decent female presence in my life atm, hint hint)
or carry me in ranked, lol
my ign is; d0rit0s on NA
pretty sure i have an EU account as well but it's not even level 30 yet. ):
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