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Post Reply Guilt and Regret
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49 / M / New England, USA
Posted 1/17/16
Guilty? No. Regretful? Too many to mention.
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24 / M / CAN, ON
Posted 1/17/16 , edited 1/17/16
Guilt, all the time, its definitely from my mom's side . I think it's because I worry about how others feel, and at times its just me always feeling guilty about not either spending time with people, or just keeping in touch. Even though I want to focus on my personal goals all the time, there's always something in the back of my head that says you need to spend time with these people, or talk with them, uggghhhhh, but then I do and I feel better So I'm not feeling the guilt, I'm such a masochist it sickens me

Regrets...... Nope! I mean hell yeah there are a lot of things I regret, but I also would have never gotten the things I have now without those Regrets. I will always say, " for every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benifit "

No Regrets, just life moving forward.

Posted 1/17/16
If you have no regrets, you'll never learn from your mistakes.
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