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Post Reply Terror at the park
Posted 1/17/16 , edited 1/18/16

Raventhedarkangel wrote:

Kate : -Gets her cell phone out and turns it on . Shows him a picture of Zach and Grey and her .- Thank you for going to help me . I am sorry you got involved in this . And um thank you for saving me before .- Hears a car take off as they get to the old park area she looks at him shocked .- Maybe it was the kids ... But how did they start up one of the old cars ?

Zach : -Smiles and kisses her and hugs her and Grey . - I am so happy you jumped . Lets try to find away to get back to the main lobby .- Helps them stand up and they find the old park .He finds something to use for a torch and lights it . They start to look around and get the car started and take off .-

Owen: Smart kids if they are this good at getting one of theses started back to life * Hides as the Rex come over and took off after a while * I have an idea we follow the Rex because that might lead us to kids or will give us a chance to stop it.

* The helicopter that had the owner was trying to shoot down the New Rex when the plane was shot to hell, and it crashed into the bird cage and the flyers got out so did the rex.*

Emma: * Looks up to see the storm of Flyers coming * Zach drive under trees * he drove under trees and we got back inside the park, were my mom was there to great us I run and hug her * Oh mom

Heather: * Gets done eating lunch and did some shopping when I hear something in the sky and panics * Timmy, run somehow flyers got free * holds his hand and start to run along with everyone else.*
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